There are so many ways for us to communicate across the miles right now, that distance no longer means what it used to.  It’s one of our greatest achievements, as a culture.  But also, it’s not.

             As with all advancements (change!), we have both pluses and minuses.  It’s the nature of who we are and how we’re learning, growing, evolving.  We are a people of lessons, of perpetual knowledge.

             What I saw this morning, the visions and scenes that were the foundations of our message, showed this forward march.  It also spoke of being prepared.  Long distance, close to home, being prepared.

Being ready,

planning with flexibility.

             We are being reminded of that phrase “growing pains” right now.  Not as a gloom-and-doom survivalist prospect, but as a thoughtful, pack-a-snack-and-some-extra-socks sort of suggestion.

             We were also supposed to take a peek at our newest stack of cards for the daily draw, so that we can see this reminder from all angles.  Specifically, with a gleaming and shiny view of hopefulness.

oracle cards, spark, hopeful planning

“Spark  ~  34  ~

‘You are a clear channel for Divine creativity.’

There is a spark of creativity in you, and you have every reason to move forward with optimism and hope.  Open yourself to inspiration and allow life to show you its beauty and your part in co-creating it.

This is the perfect time to give birth to an idea, start a new relationship or job, or begin any endeavor.  Attractions is high as you connect with others who can co-create joyous experiences and join with you in expressing the finer aspects of life.

Watching a spark turn to a flame and stoking that fire is a gratifying activity.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this “in progress” view of my latest commission piece.

The fabric is 28 stitches to the inch, or in this case, over 2 threads, it's 14.
The fabric is 28 stitches to the inch, or in this case, over 2 threads, it’s 14.

             The stretcher bars are 23 inches long and 13 inches wide.  So yeah  it’s cumbersome and ungainly.  Also though, being so large, it’ll pay more.  Eventually.  The patterns are HERE.  This will be a framed store display, locally.

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  1. Nice card and cross stitch. My 30 min. for lunch (late) are up. Waaaaah…

    I worked so long on that sampler the other night that I nearly brought back my bursitis!

    11:10 p.m.

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