No daily draw or channeled message today.  Instead we’re going with one of my new June pages.

“My thoughts weave a tapestry of my life.”

Safe Peace Play Joy

“My thoughts are my best friends.

I used to fear my thoughts, for they made me so uncomfortable   I thought I had no control over them.

Then I learned that my thinking was creating my experiences and that I could choose to think any thought I wanted to.  As I learned to take control of my thoughts and gently channel them in the directions I wanted them to go, my entire life began to change for the better.

Now I  know that I am the thinker that chooses my thoughts.  If a negative thought pops up, I let it pass like a cloud on a summer day.  I choose to release thoughts of resentment, shame, and guilt.   I choose to think thoughts of love, peace, and joy – as well as ways in which I can help heal the planet.

My thoughts have become my friends, and I enjoy choosing the fun ones to think.”

Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life 2014 Calender

FLP Report:

begins with this view.

New Jersey
New Jersey

             And continues, with two specialized plates that got past me, a Michigan, one Virginia (rare!), an Ohio, Nebraska, and (orange!) Florida.


2 thoughts on “A Thinking Thing

  1. Don’t know why and too tired to work it out (4 nights of sleep deprivation), but your calendar page made me think of the Luna Moth that was battering itself on my bedroom window screen night before last. I was thrilled, of course, since I rarely get to see them. (They only live 7 days.) I eventually boinged it off my screen so it could go find a mate. (After turning off the lizard light in the room. (They believe Luna Moths could be attracted to UV.) Yay! for Luna Moths!

    You know me, anything lunar!

    12:02 a.m.

  2. I’ve seen lots of stuff about how “thoughts create reality” and I’ve never been able to quite buy into it–mainly because usually it’s connected with the idea of getting rich or getting whatever you want. It’s about self-indulgence, and the person who is saying it is often making a fortune off claiming that everyone else can be wealthy too, just buy my books. This is a slightly different slant–more like: I can choose how I think about things. *That* makes sense to me. Thanks for passing it on.

    You are entirely welcome.

    But also, if I may …..
    isn’t ANY work we’re doing to improve ourselves considered self-indulgence? Because, really, that’s what self-care is, at its core.

    And none of that is a “bad” thing. If we’re better people, then we can share more.

    10:24 p.m.

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