The affirmation we were given yesterday was so powerful (and perfect, really) that I’ve decided to keep it for another post.  It felt like we could all use it, one more time.

              The attitude of what those two sentences brought, emotionally, was similar to what I was shown this morning.  View after view, scene after scene, all were nothing but the feeling of safe haven.


             And not just as in “welcome to my home,” but on a personal level, too.  The suggestion is that, here we are, in our best lovingkindness mode.  We’re available to shelter and care for any lost soul or future friend who may be in need.

             To be of help, assisting one another, is truly one of our main purposes here, in these bodies, on this journey.  When we don’t know what to do or where to turn, we ask, “how may I serve?” and our answer will appear.

             However, keep in mind what our daily draw has to say about this entire topic.  We’ve returned to our regular rotation around the card altar, just in time to be reminded that we have choices.  Always, there are choices.

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Wolf  ~

‘Listen to your inner wisdom and enjoy the gift of freedom.’

Wild, intelligent spirit of the plains and forests, Wolf takes what he needs, no more, no less, and counsels you to do the same.  He instinctively trusts in his acute physical senses and the strong co-operative, bonds of his complex social group, and is rewarded with freedom.

Follow his confident, firm paw prints down uncharted tracks, listen attentively to your own inner voice as you walk, trusting in the strength of the relationships you value and the gift of brother Wolf, which sets you free.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green


I feel joyful about my future.

I am safe, confident, and secure.

3 thoughts on “An Accommodating Alternative

  1. “…Wolf takes what he needs, no more, no less, and counsels you to do the same.” Something we all need to learn.

    Your mention of serving brought to mind this quote:

    “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” by Albert Schweitzer

    Thanks for sharing that!!!

    9:54 p.m.

  2. Service is a tough one for me. After decades of doing for others, being useful, and being, for the most part, unappreciated, taken for granted, and/or walked upon, I am much less inclined to do for others. I know that’s not fair. I will eventually find situations where I want to give again. Right now I’m keeping it small, such as giving time to my niece or my friends, cooking dinner for housemates, and so on.

    I love the Wolf card and the concept of freedom.


    “…unappreciated, taken for granted, and/or walked upon…”

    is not about service. It’s about idiots and assholes in your life, of which you are better off without.

    9:55 p.m.

  3. Wolf brings a good message, and that is a very interesting take on “hospitality.”

    Service is an interesting concept. I have long thought that rather travel directly from high school to college or the work force, a two-year service period would be really beneficial for all. Military service, Peace Corps service, or some other, organized group that will tend to the daily needs (food, housing, transportation) while the individual goes about their service. I think it would teach some valuable lessons across the board.

    This idea makes SO much sense!

    8:40 p.m.

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