In our family, it’s not uncommon for us to extend a festive occasion or celebratory event well past a full week.  There’s just so many of us (with entirely mismatched schedules), and we really aren’t very good at tradition.

             What I was shown this morning was a lovely validation of that prolonged idea.  Many scenes from happy lives, generations gathered, friends and family all coming together over the course of time.

Just keep on continuing.

             It’s a message of perseverance.  Of lengthy and comprehensive support.  Extensive and far-reaching care.  A compassion that can only be found in the hearts of those with whom we enjoy exchanging gifts, and spending time.

             It was with this joy in mind that I stood before our card altar, knowing that we’d return to our regular rotation.  Which of course, we did.  I’m going to transcribe the exact wording from the guidebook, but keep in mind as you follow along, that this ALSO means, or could INSTEAD mean more.

            Read ALL of the words.  And absorb what feels right to you in this situation, and in relation to what the Universe has brought to us for our reminder at this time.  Apply it all intuitively.

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” Retreat  ~  Guardian Angel  ~ 

This is a strong and clear message for you to go on a retreat as soon as possible. Your guardian angels want you to have some peace and quiet time, because you need to rest, rejuvenate  and regroup.  Your time apart will refresh you and recharge your batteries.

You’ll gain new insights and the answers that you seek, as well as develop a better understanding of the direction you need to go in and which step to take next.

Give this need for a retreat to your angels, and they’ll orchestrate all the details.  They will ensure that you have the time, money, and other support you need for a wonderful experience.  Trust that the location they send you to is ideal for you.

This is a blessing for both you and your loved ones, as it will help you be happier and healthier.  It’s not selfish to take care of yourself in this way – it’s an investment in your well-being and a gift to your family.  

Go on a retreat without delay.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is to make sure everyone has checked in with Sarah, and we’re all current over at her place.  HERE is the latest update.

             While I’ve not been the target of anything negative, I have however, also been aware that some changes need to be made around here.  Getting next to no feedback* for a while now, I wonder (constantly) if what I’m doing is being received, warmly or otherwise.   Or even welcomed anymore.

*Thank you Robin, Barb, Ally, and Anna, for letting me know that SOMEone is reading this.  The voluntary subscription idea, along with Facebook and Etsy, have all failed to produce any revenue, or even much response   (With one exception, you know who you are and how much I adore you.)


5 thoughts on “Commemorative Well-Being

  1. Interesting about the “go on a retreat” theme; the Mrs and I were just discussing how she misses her alone time, and really needs it to recharge herself. I will let her know your reading was about her today.

    Yep, all about her.

    9:43 p.m.

  2. That’s so sad about Sarah. People are assholes.

    And I’m surprised your ‘readership’ has tanked. You’re here every damn day! I don’t get it. {{{HUGS}}}

    And, BOY, could I use a retreat! 😀 Maybe after I get Saver moved next weekend. Running around like a crazy person till then!

    I am, here.
    Every day.

    9:44 p.m.

  3. I do appreciate your messages, and still read them every day. I’m sorry that when I switched to viewing them on my phone before going to work I stopped leaving regular feedback 😦

    Reminding me of all the phone-viewing is very helpful, thanks!

    10:59 p.m.

    1. You’re very welcome! Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for being here every single day! My days wouldn’t be the same without a quick visit to Julieland to start them off! ❤ Love you!

  4. I might be able to do a mini-retreat this week. It would be good timing since kiddo #2 gets out of school next week, making it harder to leave. Good idea. also sending positive vibes, fgbvs, etc that you will figure out the way to go forward with your work. 🙂

    Mini or otherwise, whatever we can manage!

    Thank you.
    Ya know, this work that I do is beyond valuable to me, so meaningful; every day I wake up and hope it is for others, as well.

    1:57 a.m.

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