When I was a child, one of my uncles made himself a tidy profit by purchasing a challenging* piece of property, and then having a super creative house built on it.  (Sadly, he was never a very close relation, but that’s not the point right now.)

*The lot had a stream running through it, was an odd shape, perched on a slight hill, at a sharp curve in a difficult road.  The home was a unique and genius structure.

             What I woke up hearing (and seeing) this morning, was about us employing these same cleaver and thoughtful ways.  Except, instead of doing it with greed in mind, we’re reaching higher.

To (re) build in a new way.

             It was suggested yesterday that we are beginning a new cycle, we are spiraling up.  There’s been an end, from which we could be free.  Now, we go forward.  Into a fresh start.

             Our daily draw helps us.  With simplistic brilliance.  (This is one of my favorites, everything about it is healing and encouraging.)

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“Goddess of Knowledge  ~

‘Start to apply what you already know;

Trust your intuition.’

Some two thousand five hundred years ago, Plato, the great ancient Greek philosopher wrote, ‘All learning is simply recollection.’

While study is important, remember also that all you truly need to know is inside you.

The Goddess of Knowledge has appeared in your reading today to encourage you to start to put all the wonderful knowledge that you already posses to good use.  You do not need to do further courses and obtain further certificates or accreditation in order to be effective in the work you would like to do.

Simply start doing it now.  Start to apply what you already know, and trust your intuition.   Focus on love and light and ask the universe to guide you.

When your intentions and motivations are driven by love, the universe and the Goddess of Knowledge will help you act in the best interests of all concerned.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS BOOK, which I just finished today.  Almost all of it takes place in Oregon!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Construction

  1. I love when people build within the natural layouts of their property. Do you have any pictures of that house? Or a site we can be sent to? I would love to see what he did with that property.

    When I was a teenager, a guy my father worked with bought a piece of property with what money he had. He decided to build his house with as much stuff from the property as he could. When he began digging and leveling for his house on the spot he thought would be best for the use of the property, he ran into a rock. A HUGE rock. He had it looked at and was told it was a piece of the bedrock waaaay down below and the only way they would get it out was with dynamite. That didn’t fit with what he wanted. So it became an interior wall from the basement into the first floor. I was soooo impressed. Yeah, it took up a lot of space. But I liked the idea that he built around it instead of blowing it all up.

    And that book you read, was it good? It looked really interesting…

    I have no idea if there are photos of this house, or if it’s even still there. Neither of my mom’s brothers stayed in touch well.

    About the book, I liked it. I am always a fan of how she incorporates pastlife imagery into her stories, this resonates with me like nothing else. There were a few picky local things that bugged me, but they were minor. The recipes looked VERY appealing!

    10:14 p.m.

  2. FYI for you, since you have fun with computers, too. I was trying to do a blog post about my B-Day trip to the Museum. But it suddenly wouldn’t take my pics saying it was an error. It kept wanting me to log in even though I was already logged in and also said it was illegal to send things across to other sessions. WTF? (Of course, we found this out -after- The Husband grilled me over and over about the pictures and what had I done with them. Fun, fun, fun.)

    There was a lot on the net about this problem and fixing it involved re-writing some code and turning off security stuff which The Husband did not want to do. I also didn’t seem to ‘fit’ with the others who had this problem. He suggested changing browsers first to see if that would work.

    But I have fixed many an issue simply by closing out and coming back. So I logged off, waited, and logged back in. Everything worked. But it shouldn’t have. So he had me go back over everything I did and I suddenly realized what time it was. I had gotten distracted by a Murder, She Wrote and had sat there just watching it instead of typing, like maybe a half an hour. He wanted to smack me. Why hadn’t I mentioned that before? WordPress saves our stuff to drafts, and while it didn’t log me off the site, it had probably considered what I had previously typed a closed session. Even though I had resumed typing in the same blog post. So closing out and logging back in had probably made everything current. *rolls eyes* (This kind of shit is why one programming class in college assured me I do NOT have the temperament for computer work. Where’s my baseball bat?)

    Anyway, if you stop typing for any length of time, restart yourself. *sigh*

    Thanks for the tips!
    (Sorry for your troubles.)

    10:15 p.m.

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