In most types of handcrafts, a variety of fibres and materials may be used.  Depending on how complicated the pattern or directions, there might be hundreds of starts and stops.

             These are the images that I was shown this morning.  All of those beginnings and endings, all of those connections.

             Except, it’s us.  Our lives and lessons.  That’s what the Universe wants us to look at today.

Gathering loose ends.

             When we join together, in a harmonious way, we help all to heal.  We gain strength from the power in that unity.

             But, it’s not always easy, of course.  No matter.  Our lessons are also part of the healing.  Once we let go of the worry, and focus on the next new start, we’ve already begun to take care of those endings.

             On our card altar today, I was directed to leave the regular rotation (this stack nearly threw itself into my hands).  Combining this, with our channeled message, is much more hopeful than they first appear.

oracle cards, rock bottom

 “Rock Bottom  ~  10  ~  

‘Surrender and acceptance are the keys to freedom.’

As difficult as it may be to accept, it seems that you’ve reached a point where you can go no further in the same manner in which you’ve been doing things.

Perhaps you’ve hit a proverbial brick wall, or experienced a deep sense of loss and don’t know where to turn.  The old way of doing things must be discarded fully in order to move onward and upward.  A new direction and a new strategy are called for.

The only way out is through surrender.  Accept things as they are, and admit that you have no idea what to do next.   If you wait in that heartfelt moment of release, then a stairway will appear, like magic, and all manner of synchronicities will show you the way to higher ground.

The Rock Bottom card is a sign that a miracle is about to occur,

but only if you let go completely.”

             And then later, I found a dime.  As in ten cents.  As in, new beginnings, and the end of this cycle.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

is this view, from our bike ride home after pool class.

My all-time favorite place on Earth. (With an illegal frame, and improper sticker display.)
My all-time favorite place on Earth.
(With an illegal frame, and improper sticker display.)

             And, a singular New Mexico.  (Can you tell I haven’t been any where lately?)


3 thoughts on “Completion and Commencement

  1. Really interesting message and draw today. Gives something to ponder and a shot of hope when all is hopeless. I have always loved Hawaii’s license plates, and saw a rival for them just the other day: Montana with a grizzly bear on it. Almost enough to make me go register a vehicle in Montana!

    I have missed a few posts, will go back and read them soon. A belated birthday wish to the Hurricane.

    We may have seen that bear!

    3:27 a.m.

  2. Really interesting card today… I definitely can see where that’s going. Time to open myself up to what’s next!

    I missed a week while I was on the West Coast, and then away for Memorial Day weekend, so I’ll be catching up! 🙂

    Lots of “catching up” this week,
    glad everyone is back!

    3:28 a.m.

  3. “Gathering loose ends” That’s all I’ve got right now. *laughs hysterically*

    Hey, I saw an Alaska plate the weekend we brought Saver home. Color me surprised! And on the way home we saw a freaking ton of New Jersey people headed west! What was that about? (But don’t say anything within earshot of the ‘kids’. You wouldn’t believe the range of catastrophic and eerie weird shit they can come up with.) 😀

    Wow, that Alaska is really far from home!

    3:29 a.m.

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