Our local PBS station broadcast an episode of Nature recently, featuring the phenomenon of swarming in the wild.  Basically a physical manifestation of the hive-brain idea.  How it works for some situations and how it doesn’t in others.

             As I was getting up this morning, a few of those images were shown to me, along with others that had nothing to do with the program.  Generally, the focus was of how it would be applied to us.  Our actions and thoughts.


             When we go out of our way to be helpful, happy, loving, we’re working with (and for) the All.  We give back at that moment.  We replenish.

             Conversely, when we allow fear or other negative emotions to take over (especially to the point of overwhelming), we are not doing anybody much good.  There is no greatness there.

             As we all know, however, in Nature, nothing is so simple.  There are certainly times when our own personal self is the most important element, the most valuable focus.  This is not selfish.  It is survival.  And it is self-care.

             Finding that elusive balance is the key.  Enough of each to keep us centered, that’s our goal.  And our challenge.

             On our card altar today, still within the regular rotation, we’ve come around to this perfect validation in the form or our daily draw.

              (I continue to adore these.  And also, I continue to enjoy her mediation CDs.  I’m  up to disc four now, of  six.)

oracle cards, denise linn, planting seeds

“Planting Seeds  ~

‘Seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of the soul.’

Card meaning:

The fertile soil of your soul is ready to receive the seeds that will come to harvest in the years ahead.  Get clear on what you desire for yourself and your future.  Timing is vital, and now is your moment to plant spiritual seeds.

The Universe wants  you to know:

Every realized dream once started as an idea that took root.  For your projects, ideas, and dreams to come to fruition, you need to first become clear on what you heart truly desires.  

Then ask yourself, is this really what I want?

Believe that miracles can happen.  Use this time to plant seeds so that they will grow as strong as the mighty oak.  Take action in the desired direction of your dreams, but be willing to pull the weeds along the way.  

It won’t be long before you are reaping the bounty of your labor.

Questions to ask yourself:

What has blocked my seeds from taking root in the past, and how can I overcome this?  How can I best prepare for my desired future?  What is being sown for my future that I may not be consciously aware of?


Seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

This Week’s Kitchen Adventures:

was a very nice batch of cheesy* basil biscuits.   I realized we were out of all milk-type products, so substituted plain yogurt  (as my Nana used to do with old-fashioned buttermilk).  Success!

*There should be another “e” in that word………

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  1. Mmmmm, cheesy basil bisquits… that sounds good even though it’s way to early for me. Did I really say I wanted to go to the Big City to ramble around the Natural History Museum for my belated birthday day? Sleeeep, sleeeep, I want sleeeep! 🙂

    Nature! I haven’t watched that show in so long. And I love it! I think it’s on at 8 back here now and I’m usually running around working at that time. Must check schedule and MAKE time for me!

    Everything we “watch” is recorded. Live TV is never an option for us. I can’t tolerate ads, and Dan works nights. Also, I don’t know how to turn our television on……

    10:26 p.m.

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