Today brought me great joy, in so many tiny and miraculous ways.  Which, how NOT coincidental, is precisely what our message is talking about.

             In the mindful consciousness, we are striving for that feeling of being here now.  Knowing the moment, and enjoying it.  No matter the outcome, no matter the physical situation of anything anywhere else.  Just, to be is our goal.

Observational success.

             We have not failed when we become distracted by a ringing phone, a barking dog, a chiming clock, or even a wandering mind.  We’ve merely been reminded of our human-ness.

             Bring it back.  Call up that calm once more.  See the small and important details.  Tune in to the greater beauty of us all.  We accomplish more in those tiny seconds of devotion than we can ever realize.

             Remember, being joyful is its own perfect reward.  We win when we see with love, and when we walk in beauty.  We replenish and heal every time we take those quick few minutes to slow and be and care.

             On our card altar right now, back within the regular rotation, this daily draw shows a gorgeous and soothing image, one I could just sit with for endless hours.  It has it all.

self-care, priorities

“Priorities  ~

Get  your priorities straight.

When you know what’s important,

speaking your truth gets much easier.”

             Whether it’s making time to be alone/be with others, saying yes/saying no, moving around/slowing down, once we have determined what is truly of the greatest importance to us, we WILL and CAN make it happen.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is an update.   One of my absolute favorite artists contacted me earlier, so we’re going to revisit THIS ancient post from years gone by.

Archangel Michael
Michael Archangel

             This illustration (the actual framed piece of paper) has many miles on him.  I’ve carted the drawing around, hither and yon, over and back, in cars and trains and trucks and buses and bikes.  Drawn by Christina Simonds, he’s helped me in ways that I can no longer count.

             Thank you, Christina, and Michael.  For being your own true selves, and for giving so much to the rest of us.

One thought on “Alignment

  1. GAH!!! DAMMIT!!! I forgot to copy my post and it spit it out again!!! My daughter is yelling “Mooooommmm, what are you DOING!” “I’m hitting the damn “Post Comment” button! (This is occurring on other sites for me as well.) I even logged in to WordPress -before- I started typing!” “Hmmm, maybe there’s something on your computer…” Yeah, ’cause something on my computer is exactly what I need, right? (It’s too damn early for this shit, I’m not awake yet and haven’t even finished my tea!)

    Being here now is work. My brain is always running around and thinking ahead to all the shit that still needs done. Sometimes when I’m alone I’ll talk out loud to myself in order to get my head in the present. Another reason for ‘outside’. It demands that you pay attention or pay the consequences. Mother Nature demands her due.

    and…The Ocean!!! *sighs wistfully* (Though I do have a small lake I can get to. Time for a visit!)

    Always a good idea to have a kid check our computer, from time to time. Always.

    7:58 p.m.

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