I went to sleep thinking of my children.  Woke up thinking of my children. Someplace in-between there, while I slept, a message came through.  And still, I was thinking of my children.

Not every challenge is a conflict, 

and not every conflict is a challenge.

             Basically, we look at what we are facing.  And we either deal with it.  Or we don’t.  We either worry, or we let it go.

             We have difficulties, all of us.  That’s a fact.  Some heal on their own, some take time.  If we make them bigger than they actually are, well, we all suffer for that drama.

             However, if we don’t acknowledge their heft, then, like the other way around, everyone suffers.  It’s all so damn complicated, really.

             Or, we can simple it down.   Treating every conflict/challenge as a lesson to be learned from.  With important knowledge to be gained.  That way, no one suffers.  And everyone wins.

             Today we draw from our Special Occasion cards.  Because on this date 27 years ago I gave birth to my first daughter, my second baby.  Everyone is celebrating this long weekend, just for her, right?

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“Brolga  ~  8  ~  Dance

Spontaneous movement, inspired by a steady rhythmic sound and a receptive atmosphere, is an ancient yet simple way of opening oneself up to the productive cycles of Mother Earth and the nurturing energies of the Universe.

The Brolga, as a solar influenced creature, was traditionally viewed as a symbol of power and righteousness, and the bringer of sacred dance.  It could be assumed that Brolgas incorporate movement and dance into their mating rituals in the belief that if they dedicate themselves to Spirit and express who they are through dance, their mate will not only see their physical form, but also their heart of hearts and their worthiness as a mate and life partner.

Many of us are told at an early age that we cannot dance, and that we have no rhythm.   As we grow we become afraid to express our true selves and so we only dance in the privacy of our own homes for fear of being ridiculed.  This is just one way in which we as individuals become fragmented from who we truly are.

If Brolga has danced into your cards today, you are being shown that dance can be your bridge into other worlds.  You are being reminded that sacred dance holds the potential to reconnect you to the Source, and the sacredness being nurtured within your consciousness.  Through dance, you can experience the very unity of the Universe.

When you feel pressured, no matter where you are, close your eyes and breathe, allowing your body to reconnect to the rhythm of the Earth Mother’s heartbeat and the music orchestrated by the sounds of Nature.  Find the stillness and participate in the sacred dance of Creation on a level that does not interfere with your daily routine.

Simply still your mind and celebrate the inner dance – the freedom of movement that comes with ‘just being.’  Feel the presence of Spirit.  Feel the peace that comes with the wisdom and the ancient knowledge found within the internal dance as it permeates your body.  This is your dance that connects you to the Ancients, and the Ancestor Spirits of the land.

Let Brolga show you how to tap into its power and allow it to shift you from the mundane to the extraordinary within your own life.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this shot, taken yesterday.

They are even brighter in real life.
They are even brighter in real life.

             Last weekend was The (107th annual) Rhododendron Festival, over on the coast.  An event I have never attended.  But, as this at-home, front-yard evidence shows, it’s definitely the time of year for it.

(Happy Birthday, Hanna.  I love you, I’m proud of you beyond all words, and I miss you already.)

One thought on “Festive Afar (and near)

  1. Happy Birthday, Hanna!

    I will be celebrating my birthday on Memorial Day, a few days late, because it is the only time I will have both kiddos home at the same time. My Saver leaves for Philly in early June. Sniffle. So I feel your pain in missing Hanna.

    Reconnecting with Mother Earth is a must for mental health. You would think I’d make sure that this was put at the top of my to-do list. Why do we always put ourselves second? I’ve been pushing myself out the door for a minimum of 15 minutes a day and it makes such a difference. Time to up the allotment!

    Also, for whatever reason, WordPress keeps dumping my comments and forcing me to re-post. Gotta remember to start copying my comments!

    Ya know, I’ve noticed that sometimes blogs go through this bad attitude phase. It usually works itself out.

    Happy early birthday and safe travels!

    10:08 p.m.

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