Here’s the thing about living our lives in these bodies on this planet, doing it with genuine care and honesty just cannot be stressed enough.  Because if we don’t, we are cheating everyone.  Beginning with ourselves.

             The messages that I am supposed to deliver here every day, usually arrive in my sleep.  Today, however, I’ve heard from a different source.

             I found out this morning that an internet friend, and LGBTQ advocate, crossed over last week.  He died peacefully in his sleep.   See, LIFE is what we need to appreciate, right damn now.

            Matt Kailey was an awesome individual, on so many levels.  He was outspoken and beautiful.  We’ll miss him here, but I know that he’s glad to be Home.

             He lived his life with integrity, and shared his lessons along the way.  If part of what we are to do here is to be a role-model, he succeeded.  In a big and powerful way.

             On our card altar today, back within our regular rotation, that same message of openness has arrived.  In the form of how we transition, from living shielded (or in fear), to embracing life openly, in exactly the way that suits us best.

7 Swords (reversed)
7 Swords

             Swords, as you already know by now, are words.  They are thoughts, and they are laws.  They are written down and they are spoken aloud.  They are of the Air, and all that this entails.

             When we are not honest, when we hesitate because we care what others may think or say, then we are giving our genuine truth away.  We are false.

             Lovingkindness begins with ourselves.  Once we establish our Self-Care, we are better able to pass it along to others.  The Universe is telling us now, not only to appreciate what we have (and stop worrying about what we don’t), but also to live in Joy.  As we are.  Truthfully.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Personal Note:

is two-fold.  I’d like to say Thank You one last time, to my friend Matt.  (See  you when I get there.)

              And I’d like to wish Cher a Happy Birthday.

6 thoughts on “Truth, and Farewell

  1. I did not know Matt, and hope that he had a peaceful crossing. Monday was quite a day for me, and for us. Lots of people, with lots of hard work.

    Interesting card to ponder…

  2. Wow. Sorry to hear about Matt. Through you, I passed his blog on to one of Saver’s friends to pass to her friend who was in the middle of becoming trans. His family just sucked big time. So sad he (Matt) died so young.

  3. Great message with 7 swords, thanks. and Happy Birthday, Cher–well, I guess it was yesterday, so happy belated birthday. 🙂

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