Things are THINGS, sometimes.  Ya know?  They just ARE!  Especially so, in our very own heads.  We think, we feel, we live the best we can.

             But every once in a while, we get caught up in that negative cycle of worry and fear.  Which then leads to excessive fussing and fretting, and finally, to panic.

             This is what I heard earlier today:

Not what you expected?

Don’t give up.

It might be better than the original.

             Also, it might be just exactly what we needed, in order to learn this particular lesson in the very best way possible.  We don’t always know!

             What we DO know, is that getting ourselves in to a miserable and messy state has pretty much never helped.  Anyone.  Ever.

             And that’s precisely what our daily draw is reminding us.  Within our regular rotation around the card altar this morning, here’s where we’ve landed.

osho zen tarot

 “Schizophrenia  ~  2  ~  Clouds: The Mind  (reversed)

The person on this card brings a new twist to the old idea of ‘getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.’  But we are in precisely this sort of situation when we get stuck in the indecisive and dualistic aspect of the mind.

Should I let my arms go and fall head-first, or let my legs go and fall feet-first?  Should I go here or there?  Should I say yes or no?  And whatever decision we make, we will always wonder if we should have decided the other way.

The only way out of this dilemma is, unfortunately, to let go of both at once.  You can’t work your way out of this one by solving it, making lists of pros and cons, or in any way working it out with your mind.

Better to follow your heart, if you can find it.  If you can’t find it, just jump – your heart will start beating so fast there will be no mistake about where it is.

Guilt  ~  8  ~  Clouds: The Mind

Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions in which we can get caught.  If we have wronged another, or gone against our own truth, then of course we will feel bad.  But to let ourselves be overwhelmed with guilt is to invite a migraine.

We end up surrounded by nagging clouds of self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness to the point where we cannot see any of the beauty and joy that life is trying to offer us.

We all long to be better people – more loving, more aware, more true to ourselves.  But when we punish ourselves for our failures by feeling guilty, we can get locked into a cycle of despair and hopelessness that robs us of all clarity about ourselves and the situations we encounter.

You are absolutely okay as you are, and it is absolutely natural for you to go astray from time to time.  Just learn from it, move on, and use the lessons not to make the same mistake again.”

             Before anyone else says it, yes, we all agree that this stack (just like all others) has flaws.  However, it also has much to offer.  Which is right where we’ll leave it.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this shot that I just came across recently.  As part of my therapy, I’m supposed to be “enjoying” any and all old photos.  I think letting everyone else see them counts.

The Addams Family
About 17 years ago . . . .

             Every year, since J.D. was six months old, we’ve sent out a family card-with-picture (in some form or another).  There were times when I got creative, and we had a theme.  This remains a favorite of many folks, far and near.



One thought on “Some more releasing, and letting go, letting go.

  1. As one of the near folks that LOVES that picture, thanks for including it! I enjoy looking into those faces and seeing the people you’ve all become. I believe that is about the time that the older numbered person in that photo and I got taken to task for our almost identical hair length.

    The cards do deliver an interesting message today, one that I will ponder.

    You two, and your hair…….

    10:24 p.m.

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