Now that we have discovered these Hidden Treasures, it’s time to figure out what to do with/about them.  But wait, does this feel like too much, too soon?

             Yeah, also for me.  And, probably not a coincidence that the Universe knows this as well.  My waking-up message today is for us to………

take it easy.

             Which makes me immediately start singing the song.  It also gives me great comfort.  On its own, this is a wonderfully calming statement.

             We are encouraged not to get overwhelmed.  That will entirely defeat the purpose of these gifts.  Remember, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

            Our goal is not to be frustrated and defeated.  As our daily draw shows us, it’s more about being balanced and evenly settled.

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“The Web Weaver  ~  4  ~

synchronicity, Divine intelligence, cause and effect

The Web Weaver rejoices that your creations are far-reaching and have positive effects on the many.  Every action, every thought, every word and deed, is woven into the web of creation.  

When the Web Weaver appears as your Ally, she grants you the way to others of like mind and intentions and lets you know you’re not alone in your endeavors.

Just when you need to make a connection, like magic, synchronicity occurs.  Music reverberates through the web and plays in harmony with your own.  This is a sign to trust in the connectivity between all events.  Magic is afoot for you!

Remember that the web reaches far and wide, and you are only capable of perceiving a small part of it.  Trust and pay attention to the patterns you see play out in your life.

All things will be revealed through the web.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing: 

is a continuation to yesterday’s siting of the turkey vulture(s).

On top of the neighbor's shed.
On top of our neighbor’s shed.

             It was VERY difficult to get this shot, and it’s still not great.  Believe me when I say that we’ve seen plenty of them, up close and personal, this afternoon.  They are stunningly severe and beautiful.

One thought on “Stay Calm. Period.

  1. I had turkeys out front today when I went to get the paper. In our neck of the woods, we aren’t too fond of the vultures; it usually means that a deer has died in our immediate vicinity. Do like the card and message today also.

    Oh yes, there is definitely death in the area…….

    9:01 p.m.

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