Inside all of us, there lies many a mystery.  Past lives, inner secrets, yet to be uncovered enigmatic somethings.  These possibilities, I saw this morning.

             The vivid details that I was shown were fabulous.  But even better, was the entire scope of this message.  Because it’s so incredibly true.

Hidden Treasures

             Like undiscovered rooms within a massive old building, we have these gifts to find and open.  Gifts yet to be brought out.  Like an archaeologist, we can go exploring.

             Before I even got to the card altar room, the direction was to use our Map to further this as a presentation of choices.  Options and ways for us to seek our Treasures.

oracle cards, the map, hidden treasures, into the unknown

“Into the Unknown  ~  7

‘Trust . . . .  and all will be revealed.’

Life is an adventure, and often, new opportunities will arise that you won’t know how to deal with.  This is one of those times.  You’re required to trust that this new phase will reveal wonders and miracles as you step into unknown territory.

Imagine that you are not only a path finder, but a path maker.  Whatever your inquiry, trust that you’ll be safe.  Stay aware as you discover new and marvelous territories and valuable treasures.”

             Ha!  I had no idea that this one said “treasures,” too.  Well, there we are, then.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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