The images I was show this morning were super clear and direct.  We’ve been given our assignment, now it’s time to get down to work.  There might be conflict, and there will probably be challenges.

             We can manage both.  And with the knowledge that we’re doing exactly the right and best thing.  However, we can’t do it without the right background.

Research and investigation.

             When we head off in search of our heart’s desire, that which we feel the most for, we must do it with all of the information we can possibly gather.  So that we’re stepping off into the future prepared.

             Living a life that we’ve always dreamed of living is our goal.  We are drawn to situations, places, areas of the world and areas of work for many reasons.  We strive to live in a way that makes us happy, that allows us to help others, as well being true to who we are.

             Sometimes that life needs a bit of groundwork, a foundation set, so that the building may begin.   If we get all the facts, the numbers, the supplies ready, the construction will go much more smoothly.

             On our card altar today, within the regular rotation, we have another part of the equation.

self-care, oracle cards

“Release  ~

Have a good cry.

Grief is a doorway to your deepest self.”

             Let go of fear, is part of this message, as well.  The “shoulds” and the “I can’t” attitude hold us back.  Like guilt, when we have done nothing wrong.  It’s harmful.

             When we grieve, for a physical loss or a spiritual one, we are healing ourselves, and then farther out, we are adding to the overall healing for All.

             To release is to heal.  Allow the grief to be felt, acknowledged.   And then, let it go.  Setting out, moving forward.  With our lessons held close, we are ready for our next adventure.

             (Additionally, this card is also talking about actual loss.  I know that some folks will face a difficult time this coming Sunday.  Allow the feelings to take you where they must.  And know that our Loved Ones on the Other Side celebrate with us, whether we celebrate or not.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

FLP Report:

includes another one of those special series from Montana, a new New Mexico, Illinois, and two Minnesotas.   It’s been either muggy and clear-then-cloudy here, or muggy and raining.  I’ve not gone out a bunch.  And when I WAS out, there wasn’t much Foreign to see.

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