Earlier today I was looking back over the past year’s worth of messages.  I was surprised to find that we’d never received this particular word before.

             (I was sure that we had!  Which was WHY I was looking.  Otherwise, I NEVER go backwards, nor do I re-read once something has gone up.)

             Our guidance and reminders and suggestions have been extremely varied in the past 375-plus days.  More far-ranging that I recalled.*

*If you’ve ever had me read your cards, you know that’s not such a big deal.  Since none of this information comes from me, just through me, I don’t remember any of it once it’s out on paper (or the screen).

             This morning it felt as though we needed to band together, team-like, for a major project, to accomplish something very important.  We had to be “as one” in this endeavor.

             Also, this one feels connected to yesterday.  (Seems like I’m saying that a lot lately.)


             By which this does NOT mean giving in/giving up.  NO, very clearly I understood it to be about sharing and equality.  To truly live within a give-and-take type of relationship (in society or in person with another individual), we must make agreements.  And compromises.

             Not by conceding defeat, but by negotiating trust and care.  On our card altar right now, we’ve been handed a very interesting (and validating) accompaniment to this message.

amber, oracle cards, crystal messages

“Amber  ~

transparency, calm, purification, creativity

An issue that is causing tension and friction in your life will soon erupt and come to a head.  You are being urged to stay calm during this emotionally charged event.

Express how you feel but don’t be drawn in to saying things you don’t mean.  This event is, in fact, a blessing – one that is perhaps well overdue.  Through it you will realise where you stand and how others truly feel.

As the air clears, you will uncover a hidden agenda and find creative ways of handling this type of situation in the future.  Stay calm and don’t allow yourself to be dragged further into chaos by others.

You will emerge from this situation feeling purified of all the negative emotions and thoughts that have weighed you down recently.  Trust and remember – this event is a blessing!”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is from the yard of Ally (xenatuba), and her Beloved.

She says, "there will be more in about a week."
She says, “there will be more in about a week.

             These are NOT the colours we have here at The Burrow, so what fun it is to see some other local varieties.

"Iris, Allium, Rhododendron."
Iris, Allium, Rhododendron.

             Obviously, for everyone’s highest good, Daniel and I need to make a trip over there.  And see this lovely exhibit in person.  Al, get the grill going, we’ve invited ourselves to dinner!  (Thanks again, for sharing.)

5 thoughts on “Accomodating

  1. A year of messages already? Yeesh. Time flies…

    “Compromise” is one of those trigger words for me. Growing up “compromise” meant I had to quit/give up what I wanted in order to do what someone else wanted. It is one of the reasons I learned to be a “bull” when someone starts infringing on me. The only way I -ever- got “my way” if you get my drift, was to fight for it. There was no middle ground in my family. Still isn’t, for that matter. Getting out in the “real world” was a stunner for me. Surprise! There are people that actually share and work -with- you without an agenda!!! I had to learn -not- to mow people down! I’m older and know better, but even so, my first reaction to that word is always an inner snarl. *shrugs*

    Bee-you-ti-ful garden pictures! I luuuuve flowers. Well, I love plants in general. But flowers always make me think of butterflies and bumble bees. The moths are out now. And I saw a bumble go by me. Can’t wait for my first butterfly!

    That’s what compromise USED to mean.

    2:29 a.m.

    1. We are severely limited in what we can grow. Our home is built in deer country (right at the edge of the city, back of the property is an unimproved city park that is connected to what wild, undeveloped lands still exist in the south west section of town) and we have learned, over time, what our neighbors will and won’t devour.

      The bumblebees have been visiting the lavender, lobeilla and the iris, and we’ve had numerous dragon/damsel flies in the yard recently.

      1. I hear you! There are a few thousand acres across the four-lane plus patches of woods connecting each other through this area. The deer will cross the highway to get to the houses and their food supply. They’ve worn a path through the one side of our property. We get a steady supply of deer with broken legs and shoulders hobbling around. And then there’s the raccoons and possums and ground hogs….

        The best defense is having a dog. But that just covers the front of the yard (we are on a hill). Chicken wire over plants in the bad years has helped. And the garlic egg mixture you can spray on your plants is pretty good (there are recipes on the web). And hanging regular old green Irish Spring soap in pantyhose in your plants works for awhile. It’s a constant work in progress ’cause they get used to what you’re using over time so you have to rotate solutions.

        I think, of everything, the thing that annoys me the most is not being able to grow sweet corn. We managed it the first two years we had a veggie garden here, but then it was ‘discovered’. The next two years, no matter what we did, the ears of corn would get no bigger than three inches before somebody would scarf them. We gave up on the corn. *sigh*

  2. And yes, lets plan a numbered people grilling event.

    I’ll text you in a few days.

    2:30 a.m.

  3. Compromise is so important! I think many people see compromise as giving in entirely, rather than a give and take. Good compromise should be a win-win situation.

    I love amber. It’s one of my favorite stones.

    Ally, your flowers are gorgeous!

    Win-win, exactly!

    2:31 a.m.

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