What happens if you get confusing messages?   Words that are beyond your regular scope of knowledge and comfort?  Well, in my case, I ask that guy who lives here in the house with me.

             Between the two of us this morning, we figured it out.   Here’s what I heard:



            And here’s what we made of it:

we are all the center of our own universe.  We are the star of our own show.  Our world is all that is within our reach, and our expansive vision.

             We create our own reality/destiny/future from this point on.  From here, we go out; from us, we ripple beyond.  The type of impact we make comes from our own center.  Moving forward.

             I was directed to share one of my new May pages today, instead of drawing a card.  Since I’d only flipped one over (and it wasn’t this one), that added to my earlier confusion.  But then, as usual, when I just let it go, it made perfect sense.  And goes together beautifully.

"I create my life each day."
I now recognize my creativity and I honor it.

             “I create my life each day.

The creativity of the Universe flows through me all day long, and all I have to do to participate in it is know that I am a part of it.

It is easy to recognize creativity when it comes in the form of a painting, a novel, a movie, a new wine, or a new business.  Yet I am creating my entire life every moment from the most common, ordinary creation of new cells in  my body – from choosing my emotional responses, to my present job, to my bank account, to my relationships with friends, and to my very attitudes about myself.

One of my most powerful gifts is my imagination.  I use it to see good things happening to me and to everyone around me.  

I am peaceful as I co-create my life with my Higher Self.”

From Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life 2014 calendar.

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  1. How strange…well, not really, but I’d just finished reading a book by Deepak Chopra and it was on this very topic. I must now go and reflect on all of this wisdom. : )

    Wow. Very cool!

    1:58 a.m.

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