Demeaning stereotypes and derogatory clichés of racial and ethnic heritage come up around this time of year.  Every year.  There’s some currently in the news right now.

             Straight white people ignorance is an unattractive (and increasingly common) phenomenon.   This shit still happens.  I’m not one to rant (much) these days, and this is not the forum for it.  However, our message this morning is forcing us to face it, address it for what it oftentimes is.  And then, move past it.

Honour the Origins.

             When the uneducated masses are instructed correctly, much of the stupidity can be adjusted and improved.  Not always, no.  But it is possible.  And that’s our point.

             No matter where we come from, who we are, or what our background, it’s a fact that someone has probably made a joke at our expense.  Or, has remarked in a negative way.

             When we personalize the situation, attach a face, it becomes much less of an easy target.  Much more difficult to see the humour there.  Hopefully, the pain is minimal and the education is maximum.

             Treating it all gently is what our daily draw recommends.  And I couldn’t agree more.

fairie message of kindness, lovingkindness, oracle cards

“Kindness  ~  

Practice kindness in all your thoughts and deeds today – toward yourself, other people, animals, and the environment – and watch the rewards that come your way!

We often refer to kindness as ‘thoughtfulness.’  Yet, kindness is more correctly described as ‘lovefulness.’  By drawing this card, the fairies hand you the wonderful assignment of looking for opportunities to be kind today.  

This may mean ‘undercover kindness,’ in which you do anonymous good deeds.  Or, it could mean being extra alert for strangers who could use a helping hand or a thoughtful word.  Kindness can also entail letting someone else win the argument, or volunteering for a cause you truly believe in.

By paying attention to the implications of every thought and action, you begin to develop a kindness habit.  Your new energy of kindness attracts new loving friends into your sphere.

As you practice kindness toward animals, plants, and the environment, you develop a closer relationship with nature.  Most important, when you are particularly kind toward yourself – by thinking about yourself compassionately and by taking time out for yourself – you are rewarded with a deep sense of inner satisfaction and peace.


I am kind, thoughtful, and loving to myself and others.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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will hopefully be me, by all of you.  (If this makes no sense, then please go back and read yesterday’s shameless plea for aid.)  Thank you (!!!) all in advance, for your wisdom and insight.  And sharing.