Among us are teams, duos, couples who pair well and share generously of their gifts.  They’ve been together “forever” it seems.  Their relationship is idyllic.

            Maybe, maybe not.  What we’re really seeing is the concept of YinYang in the flesh.  That God/Goddess ideal, but up and walking around in current times.

            It isn’t always a male-female match though, or even a romantic combining. (That part’s not even really the point.  On a spiritual level we are all/both genders, so the divisiveness over body design and physical interest is absurd and beyond ridiculous to even discuss.)

            This type of Power Couple (on the metaphysical plane obviously, not in a monetary sense), have come together for the highest good of all.  They’ve chosen this path specifically.

            Their “assignment” here is about being . . . . .

side by side.

             Working together in such a way as to be inspirational is the purpose.  Wearing their Pairing in clear and honest fashion so as to reach the most, those  who can be aided best by this exact situation.

            At some point in our lives, our past-present-future lives, we have been this duo.  And will be again.  It’s a valuable lesson in mutual respect, lovingkindness, selflessness, and generosity.  While it is challenging to walk a path alone, it becomes twice that to do it as Two.

            Back within our regular rotation around the card altar today, the message of this concept is validated by what our daily draw shows.

molybdenite, crystal messages, oracle cards

“Molybdenite  ~

a message from the stars  

Your life is always held in perfect equilibrium by the divine natural order that exists within all creation.  Believing that you have somehow failed or made the wrong decision or choice is simply an illusion.

There is nothing you need to change or fix in your life, apart from your sometimes unbalanced perceptions – mainly your self criticism.  Know that you are always worthy of love and you are eternally blessed.

Start to accept all of who you are, as you are, and  you will see your life magically and lovingly transform.  All is in perfect divine order.

From a spiritual perspective there are no mistakes in life.  Every experience is a lesson in love and wisdom.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is the following re-share, from a friend.  Look HERE.  Sure, mine haven’t been this age for decades, but hey, parents of toddlers never forget that part of their life!

One thought on “As Need Be, As Is

  1. I like the card. Molybendite is not a mineral that I am familiar with, and I do like its message. I have had the “duo” experience in several of my roles in this life. I can think of two people that I have umpired with that I was very “in tune” with when we worked games together, and several people in the numbered people’s world that I think have had that same relationship with. I think this message today is a good reminder that not all couple relationships are romantic…although I have a good one of those, as well!

    I don’t remember it even being in the deck!

    10:29 p.m.

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