Being a life-long learner infuses our lives with additional lessons, but also with Joy.  Especially when what we have learned can then help others.  I am a perpetual student, constantly researching and seeking increased knowledge.

             The images that I was shown this morning were simple and to the point.  Scenes which made sense and had a clear message.  Views that told a story.

Get to know that which we do not.

             There was a world leader in my dreams.  Or rather, the symbol of one.  She was there to show us how to continue learning, and to never slow our search for more.

             Her own journey was about finding out what she did not know, and then to teach that.  Sharing the lessons makes them easier to learn, and quicker to understand.  Even if the topic is one we are completely unfamiliar with.  THAT is basically the point.

             Standing in front of our card altar, with all of this information in my head, I was directed to leave the regular rotation, and here is why.  It’s precisely what we needed to know at this moment.

oracle cards, angel messages

“Angel of New Life  ~

An exciting new chapter of  your life is about to unfold.

The Angel of New Life is here to announce that a new chapter of your life is about to unfold.  Over the coming days and weeks  you will begin to feel a sense of renewed clarity, purpose, and direction.

New, magical, and exciting things begin to happen as you are intuitively guided to explore new avenues and possibilities for your life.  Through this process you will uncover aspects of yourself that  you didn’t know you had.

Embrace this new and exciting period in your life and know that the past is now behind you.  Your life is forever changing and you are forever evolving to ever greater spheres of light and love through the wondrous spirit of creation.

Enjoy the journey and all the blessings coming your way.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this photo of some new fabric pieces.

What makes me Happy? Palm trees, pink flamingos, bikes, aaaaand...... RUSSIAN STACKING DOLLS !!!
What makes me Happy?
Palm trees, books, pink flamingos, bikes, Hawaii, aaaaand……

             Thank you, Dorothy for thinking of me.  Your quilting work is beautiful, I am truly inspired!

4 thoughts on “Un-Ending Education

  1. Never stop learning, or asking questions. Great message today!

    Fits well for you,
    who just returned from training!

    10:07 p.m.

  2. If you stop learning, you stop living.

    And on a side note, dammit, I wish I had a lifetime to do nothing but read! 😀

    IS’NT this the lifetime to do nothing but read?!

    10:08 p.m.

  3. If I had all the time and money in the world, I would take classes in linguistics and learn every language I could fit into my head!

    Rosina Lippi/Sara Donati (the authour from yesterday’s sharing) is a linguist!

    10:09 p.m.

  4. You know how Dan said that your readings had a “oh, duh!” thing going? That’s just what today’s card was for me. 😉
    Weather is better and we’re going home tomorrow! I’ll be back with my guy and my little guy and my dog and be able to sleep in my OWN bed!

    Not just my readings,
    ALL cards and readings do this!

    10:10 p.m.

    (Safe travels home, you two.)

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