If  I counted back, I could probably figure out when I began watching food programs on TV.  But it’s not necessary to have the date, my memory of what I’ve seen will suffice.

             Because it ties in to what I was shown this morning.  Since I did start tuning in to cooking shows a few years back, that was the symbology which appeared.

Combine and set aside.

             In meal preparation, this is the process of putting specific items together.  Mixing ingredients, to create our desired result.  Layering flavors to reach (hopefully) a full-bodied and enriching dish that will nourish.

             In our recent conversations about “goals” and intentions, this procedure also applies.  Take a suggestion from one place, an idea from another.   Fold gently in with what we already have on hand (and in our hearts).

             Finally, when it’s all in one place, apply a little Quality Control.  Like tasting our sauce.  We need to examine this new creation.  Test it to see if it really is what we’re after.

             If it needs something still, toss that in.  If it suits, as is, then stop.  Let it rest.  Release.  And have faith.  What we’ve learned has been applied.  Now, walk away.  We never want to try TOO hard.

            As we turn to the card altar now, within our regular rotation, we’re being handed a validation on a platter, or, the tides have brought it along with them.

oracle cards, mermaid messages, help from above

“You’re Being Helped  ~

‘Heaven is working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don’t see results yet.’

Your manifestation is being worked out right now, even if you can’t see the tangible proof.  As an analogy, when sailors get close to land, they often see signs of life, such as birds flying or branches floating in the ocean.  By drawing this card, you are urged to notice signs that ‘land’ (your manifestation) is near.

Even if you can’t see evidence that your manifestation is in process, this card assures you that your prayers have been heard and answered.  Stay centered in faith and gratitude in order to open the door to your desires.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is a book recommendation and a quote.  You all know how I love Diana Gabaldon‘s (flawed but engaging) series?  Well, I’ve found another.  Very similar and very well done.  Less harsh than GB’s but just as good.

             When a character has passed on (and a few do, so be alerted to that) they say s/he has gone to their homecoming gladly.  It’s a beautiful phrase, and so true.

             The books (more than 6, so far!) are called The Wilderness Series, written by Sara Donati (who is known in her Real Life as: Rosina Lippi).

2 thoughts on “Blend, Blending, Blended

  1. It’s too funny that I came here to find “cooking” as the daily message. A small hen called to me at the grocery store. I don’t normally buy a whole chicken. Unless you’re using the skin and bones regularly, you’re throwing away your money.

    (The Husband was a meat cutter in his youth. On tips from a money saving series from the past, we bought our bone-in chicken at 99 cents a pound and deboned and de-skinned it. We then weighed it and divided it by what we had spent. We were really paying $3.69 / lb. So any boneless/skinless chicken below that price was good.)

    Anyway, back to point. I bought the hen and then came home and asked myself, “What the hell are you going to do with this?”. Homemade chicken soup came to mind. Using the whole chicken. In the distant past I used to make stock from the bones and then soup. So there has been no homemade chicken soup in at least 19 years. So I hit the cookbooks and even the net. I’ll be using a little bit of this and that from different places. And it’s all about combining and layering and simmering. And then seeing if it all turns out.

    It is very interesting to think of cooking as an analogy for life. I like this.

    And why?
    Because there is NO SUCH THING AS

    9:51 p.m.

  2. Well, I definitely am trying new combinations in my work search, and I am working on developing a new “dish” so to speak. We’ll see how it goes.

    As much as I adore old, antique, and vintage,
    new ain’t always a bad thing.

    9:52 p.m.

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