Even as I learn about new ways of viewing this life, and our overall journey, I still haven’t become too friendly with the word “goal.”   It feels a bit too Type A and intense for me.

             Sometimes though, we do need to put on our Far-Seeing eyes and lob an idea a bit past rightnow.  That doesn’t detract from being present and mindful, or so I’m being told.

             Even though the series of images which were shown to me this morning might have been complicated (and slightly frustrating), it is very clear that . . . . .

when we focus on the goal, our progress will follow.

             Very often, the exact event or person will appear/drop right into place as soon as we have our intention in mind.  That’s what this messages is all about.

             By allowing our natural rhythm and processes to move forward (in the direction of that goal), we can be of help, instead of a hindrance.   We may take aim, and then, without battling, we are better able to follow through with that intention.

             Still within our regular rotation around the card altar, this daily draw is making it known that this is who she is and this is what she has come to tell us.  She arrived specifically to blend her message with ours.

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“The Lady of the Mirror  ~  44  ~

 reflection, nonjudgment

The Lady of the Mirror is both Ally and Challenger, asking you to see yourself in the mirror made by the events of your life.  She represents the powerful force of the Law of Attraction and reminds you that what you are is what you attract.

This isn’t to say that you need to blame yourself for inviting transgressions or if you find yourself a victim of a big-picture event – say a war.  This is a distorted interpretation of this law.  Certain events are fated to test our faith.

Rather, find yourself within the web woven through your life – your relationships, opportunities, desires, seeming failures, and successes.  Observe how you have responded to life’s challenges, great and small, and be aware of what is familiar in the present.  Release all judgment, and accept things exactly as they are with love.

The Lady of the Mirror asks that you honor every part of your story as essential to your highest unfolding.  Can you see yourself as being exactly where you need to be on your path?  Do you love what you see in the mirror?  Can you perceive your part in your reactions and the motives behind your current inquiry?  

You will find your answer in a thorough and honest self-appraisal.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view.  A fine photo taken on our back deck.

First lettuces of the season!
First lettuces of the season!

             And it was so lovely this afternoon that I was able to hang laundry outside.  I love when that happens.  (I mean, I do it all year long, but it doesn’t always work out well.)

2 thoughts on “Honestly Pointed

  1. Jealous, jealous, jealous! Those lettuces look wonderful. Sat. and Sun. were wonderful. 75 degrees yesterday! I went and bought a 6 pack of lettuce, spinach, and two of basil to put in pots. I just couldn’t wait! What I should have been doing was watching the weather reports. *GAHHHH!!!* Tomorrow’s high is 46 and it’s going down to 26 tomorrow night. And did I mention the snow? 😦 Guess I’m going to HAVE to wait!

    I’ve had several conversations lately about this late and long winter….. not sure what it all means right now, but it DOES have a purpose.

    11:36 p.m.

  2. I’m talking about my housemates about growing vegies in on of their small raised beds. Obviously just a few vegies. But it would be fun and help me get back in touch with the earth.

    I am trying to look back at when I was doing better in everything and see what I was doing that helped me then. That way I can compare to what I’ve been doing the past several years and how to change it so I can get to a better place in everything. Because this is probably the furthest down I’ve come. I haven’t had to have anyone support me since I got my first job out of college! (And it really sucks, by the way.)

    Yes, yes! Starts are in every store right now, all you’d have to do is get the ground ready and drop them in. Instant salad!

    11:37 p.m.

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