I’ve been living the life of an Intuitive Eater (having tossed all numbers back onto the garbage heap where they belong), for some time now.  It’s freeing, and lovely.  And correct for me.

             It also involves quite a bit of work, though.  Every lesson in our lives requires its own amount of due diligence, this mindset is no different.  Some of my homework has involved watching a documentary entitled America The Beautiful, and then, later, the sequel: Thin Commandments.  (Both of which I highly recommend.  Highly!)

             (May I say that one more time?  Click on those links, watch those films.  You won’t be sorry.  I’m not even kidding.)

             The messages and information that I woke up with this morning involves not just the MIND aspect of Self-Care, but the other two components.  Which is also very much what being in-tune with your entire self is all about.

Soul health begins with the body.

              Movement, as we’ve previously discussed, need be no more than a wander around our own neighborhood, or parking our car and occasionally biking some errands instead of driving.  Even making extra trips up and down stairs, leaving the elevators to other folks is a nice gift to ourselves.

             We’re moving, we’re being healthy, but we aren’t counting one damn thing.

             No numbers, no guilt.  No stress, no documentation.  Just doing what feels comfortable and enjoyable.  Super simple to say, oftentimes, incredibly difficult to accomplish.

             And yet, that’s what makes the most sense.  Do good things!  Right?  Well, we try.  That totally counts.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar today, we have a helpful visitor (my son’s most favorite animal, alongside Alpacas).

oracle cards, animal messages, llama and alpaca

“Llama  ~  

Let courage lead you to seek support and overcome a fear of intimacy.

Sweet-tempered, soft, and friendly, Llama’s gentle and beautiful wide-eyed face belies her ability to withstand unforgiving conditions.  Llama counsels that defensiveness keeps others far away while drawing near loneliness and disrespect.

Let go of angst and foreboding, perhaps by consulting another who may untangle the psychology of your mind.  As no path is impassable to Llama, with courage you may take a hard but rewarding road to rediscover the sweetness in your soul and be as one with others.”

             If I’d authoured these cards, I would have written that first line differently.  “Fear” is a word that is best left exchanged for something more inspiring.  Perhaps mentioning that, with Llama’s help and strength, we are better able to heal, from within.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides Oracle Cards by Susie Green

FLP Report:

begins with this view from yesterday.  (Which is clickable to enlarge.)

Iowa, special plate for supporting bikes!
Iowa, special plate for supporting bikes!

             Continuing along, we have two MORE Iowas (regular style), Tennessee, Illinois (3 separate sightings!), an old New Mexico, one each of Indiana and Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

One thought on “Hale and Hearty, inside and out.

  1. While llamas are very cool, they aren’t always sweet tempered and they do spit. But they are highly intelligent, social animals and they seek like company. I like them. It’s a good card.

    I think most of us know now that exercise, even simple walking, releases endorphins and serotonin into our brains, which helps brain health, but I recently learned that doing things with someone else, such as walking with a friend, also releases oxytocin, a chemical that creates feelings of trust, connection, and well-being. This chemical is also released in a mother and newborn at birth.

    ……they aren’t always sweet tempered and they do spit.” Yup, as I said, Jade’s fave. We know ALL about them.
    (Like how, if they don’t feel in the mood, they will simply sit down,
    and not carry an ounce or budge an inch.)

    10:25 p.m.

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