First of all, we need to pause for one second, and acknowledge my mother.  She was  born on this day (April 10) 73 years ago.

             And funny, our message is pretty much the exact advice that she’s given everyone for her entire life.

Don’t be surprised if things go in a different direction.

             She has been known to say, more times than I can count, “don’t make plans that can’t be changed.”  Because we all know, nothing stays the same.  And very little falls in to place the way we think it will.

             For this birthday day we’re back to our Special Occasion cards, with validations, as well as returning emphasis of current themes.  (Also, this is perfect for my mom.  She totally lives her life this way.)

cassowary, respect messages

“Cassowary  ~  15  ~  Respect

One creature or another occupies every square inch of our Earth Mother.  The moment we leave our space, we step into that of another.   We become their visitor, invited or not.  When we drink from a stream or pick fruit from a tree, we are sharing this source of nourishment with other creatures.  We share the air we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the refreshing breeze of the four winds, and the rain that falls from the sky, with every other living being on this Earth.

We have to view our life as being the only one we will ever have and honour this chance to the utmost.  We have to look at every lesson that is presented as being more important than the last.  We only have one Earth, and it is up to us to honour the space we inhabit while we are here.  Simple.

If Cassowary has swaggered into your cards today, you are being asked to address your sense of Sacred Space and the way in which you treat the Sacred Space of others.  If we honour and respect our space, others will learn to respect theirs, and if we honour the space of others, they will learn to respect ours.

It is okay to refuse the inappropriate or interfering ways of others.  Our Sacred Space is our territory and we have the right to feel safe within it.  Our home and everything associated with it; our possessions, our body, our feelings, our values and beliefs can all be viewed as Sacred Spaces, and just as a wild animal will only allow other animals who instinctively respect territorial boundaries to enter their Sacred Space, we are encouraged by the Dreamings of the Cassowary to follow suit.

It is not important what others think of you.  How you view yourself is what counts.  You have to live with yourself and to feel proud of how you go about doing it.

Cassowary says that in order to attract respect it is vital to radiate self-respect, to show pride in your achievements, to radiate self-worth and to adopt and mirror the favourable qualities of the people that are drawn to you, rather than focusing on their negative traits.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this series of pictures from my son.  With his captions, in quotation marks.

Many meerkats.
“Many meerkats.”

             My offspring were, obviously, at a zoo.  This particular one is in Seattle.

One meerkat.
“One meerkat.”

             These guys are a family favorite.  (Duh, Lion King!  Are you singing Hakuna Matata yet?)

"Two meerkats."
“Two meerkats.”

             Deargawd we love these animals, they have such character and style.

"Em and her new meerkat friends!"
“Em and her new meerkat friends!”

             There are more phone photos, some you’ll see, and some maybe not.  (He sent me LOTS of wonderful shots this afternoon.  All with hilarious explanations of what the view is.)

3 thoughts on “Caring Alternatives

  1. “It is okay to refuse the inappropriate or interfering ways of others. Our Sacred Space is our territory and we have the right to feel safe within it.” Yes, yes, yes!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JULIE’S MOM! Here’s to a lovely day!

    MEERKATS!!! They are so awesome. Your zoo has a much, much nicer habitat than ours. I could sit and watch them for hours. (And now I want to go to the zoo…)

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

    And I adore meerkats! Yes, Robin, the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is a fantastic zoo and has dedicated itself to providing natural habitats more and more over the years. I haven’t been to it since I’ve been back, but it’s on my list.

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