My channeled views, images, and scenes this morning were plentiful.  With the overwhelming theme being that we’re on the right path.  Keep doing what we’re doing.

               Does the route we are going feel like it honestly has truth and care behind it?  If the answer feels like “yes,” then our message is:


              Don’t let go.  Don’t give up.  Are others telling us that this might not be “practical” or the way everyone else does it?  Too bad.

              It’s OUR journey to walk, and we must proceed in the manner which suits us the best.  For the highest good of all.  And that simply doesn’t mean “the way everyone else is doing it.”

               Continuing around the card altar within our regular rotation, we have come across the exact reason why my middle name is Terese (yes, I was named after a saint).  Talk about validation!  (Also, I woke up today smelling roses.)

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“Steady Progress  ~  

St Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower)

You’ve been making steady progress, and it’s important for you to recognize that this progress (not perfection) is what’s important.

This is a message for you to appreciate how much you have already achieved and how many people you’ve helped along the way.  Keep your focus away from any lapses that you think you’ve made.  Guilt and regrets never helped anyone, so let them go today.

You are also asked to forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done.   St Therese didn’t live a life of spiritual perfection (she often fell asleep or was distracted during her prayers, for example).  Yet she insisted that it’s ‘the little way’ of steady progression that connects us with (Mr and Mrs) God and Heaven.

She wrote:

‘Learn and grow from your challenges, but don’t let them stop you from your devotion or spiritual path.’

St Therese was born in Lisieux, France, in 1873 and became a Carmelite nun along with two of her sisters.  Therese began having mystical experiences, which she wrote about (only because her mother superior ordered her to do so) in an autobiography called The Story of a Soul.

Many miraculous cures of ailments such as ulcers, tuberculous, and arthritis, are attributed to St Therese’s intercession.   Upon her deathbed, she promised to send roses as a sign of her presence and devotion, so she’s often referred to as ‘Little Flower.’

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS map.   We rode to the pool tonight.  It was delightful.  A majority of tomorrow’s erranding with be done that way as well.

3 thoughts on “Due Diligence

  1. This was the saint I chose for my confirmation name. I definitely needed the reminder of not beating myself up, so it’s interesting that she pops up today.

    Oooo, we are rockin’ the Little Flower together!

    10:28 p.m.

  2. “It’s OUR journey to walk, and we must proceed in the manner which suits us the best. For the highest good of all. And that simply doesn’t mean “the way everyone else is doing it.”” I wish there was some way to slam this into people’s heads. Yes, I know, they are supposed to come to this realization on their own. But I get tired of hearing about the million and one ways I have failed to make the grade.

    Ooooo, lucky you waking up to the smell of roses! That would be a wonderful way to wake up.

    We don’t need to worry about if “they” come around or not. It’s OUR thoughts and intentions that we focus on. When our actions are not well received? Well, fuck ’em.

    10:31 p.m.

  3. As someone who is on the brink of beginning to finally walk a different path from the norm, this is a good card right now. I’m doing work. I’m thinking. I’m planning and researching. I’m taking actual steps. If I stop to think about the larger picture of what I’m doing it makes me anxious. Even though I am inherently outside the pack, I have tried for a very long time to not rock the boat and cause negative reactions in others. Now I’m jumping in the water and swimming off to another boat completely!

    As long as what we do (and where we go) is true to ourselves, we’re golden!

    10:39 p.m.

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