As I remarked in our comments yesterday, a majority of the images that I’ve been shown lately have so much to do with hands.  Then last night, Dan and I watched a program featuring a gorgeously rendered cover-up tattoo represnting a healing hand.

             I saw all of this again when I woke up earlier today.  All of this coming together as:

hope and help.

             Living in a perpetual state of “all is well” will perfectly serve to keep everything well.  As our Gardener told us in the last daily draw, when we plant the seeds of lovingkindness, then, that’s what we grow.

             We ALWAYS have help available, and we know this.  Assistance is no further away than reaching out, and asking for it.

             And, as we return to our regular rotation around the card altar, an additional sort of helper appears.  One that is a personal favorite of mine.

animal oracle cards, druid messages, adder

“Adder  ~  Nathair (pronounced as Nah-hir)  ~  

Transformation, Healing, Life Energy

The card depicts a pair of adders.  Druids were sometimes called Adders, and it is possible that the story of St Patrick ridding Ireland of snakes refers to the Druids.  

In the background we see the Druid snake-stone altar in Cumbria, covered in ivy – a plant which, like the snake, is poisonous and yet which also speaks of the mystery of death and rebirth, and of the soul’s journey through the labyrinth from this world to the next and back again.

We see such a labyrinth symbolically depicted in the maze carved on the rock face.  Such patterns have been found in many places, including Tintagel in Cornwall.  In the foreground are ammonite and sea urchin fossils – both of which may have been used by Druids as magical ‘adder stones.’

Nathair offers healing and transformation.  Its ability to glide into the darkness through crevices in the rocks connects it to the Under and Otherworld, and the realm of Death.

It is the totem animal of the Earth Goddess, and also the Sky Father Sun God, and represents our ability to die and be reborn.  The energy that enables us to be born of earth is sexual energy, but this also necessitates our death.

Befriending adder or snake power will enable you to journey through life gracefully and magically, shedding your old life easily when the time comes – whether that old life be of the physical body or of a stage in this present incarnation.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s  Sharing:

is this view of me.  On Main Street.  In the neighboring town of Springfield.

What?! My new-old kitchen stool isn’t the perfect prop for a sidewalk phone photo?

             I broke my own rule of never spending more than 5 dollars for a used chair.  I had to have this one, even though the price was more than doubled.  How could I pass it up? We haven’t seen this style in over 40 years.  It needed to come home with us.

             (Now I’m on the search for another one.  My mom saw mine, and wants it.)

3 thoughts on “Optimistically Intentioned

  1. Hope and help, and a new chair. Can’t beat that. Oh, yeah, and your family is back home.

    Uh, about that . . . .
    the kids are all together in Seattle, for their annual Sibling Weekend (which will be closer to a full week, this year).

    3:07 a.m.

  2. Yesterday’s Anonymous was me. I have no freakin’ clue what I did, the comment just went ‘poof!’ gone. And I was being paged – again – “Come ON!”. We were having fun with Spider Bait and taxes (which reminds me I need to make a phone call today…). And I was also advised it’s college paperwork submission month again already 😦 . Have I mentioned how much I dislike this time of year???

    Oh! Wait for it! My son who swore since laundry was free at his school he never bring me dirty laundry brought home 3 weeks worth of dirty clothes. I harassed him dutifully like a good mother should 🙂 and demanded extra hugs.

    And OH! your stool! I haven’t seen one of those since the 70’s. How awesome! And it’s METAL not plastic! I wish you luck in your searches.

    I kinda thought it was you,
    which was why I allowed it to go up.

    9:29 p.m.

  3. Cool stool! They make reproductions these days that run around $60 or more. You got a great deal. Hope you find one for your mom soon!

    I am totally going to hunt down a new version for Mom. Thanks!

    9:29 p.m.

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