As I was listening to one of my guided meditation CDs earlier, it again struck how very  much I enjoy them.  As a resource, they really can’t be beat.  For value, for effectiveness, and basically for all ’round satisfaction.

             Not surprising then, that the message I’ve been hearing for days encapsulates this exact thought.

Tools and support.

             What do we need when we are IN need?  Who do we turn to when we are seeking help?  At times, our challenges are solo endeavors.  We must figure shit out on our own.  Not always fun, but true.

             That’s when we look around and say, ‘what tool do I need for this job?’  Often, we are our own support system.  However, we can also be a resource for others.  And they, for us.  Today, it’s all about what works.

             Use what’s available.  And if we don’t have something that can be quickly utilized, at that point it’s time to call for help.  Bottom line, do what has to be done, with what we have.  In the best way possible.

             Or so I was told.  Because then,  I was guided away from our card altar, and directed to yet another offer of aid.

oracle cards, gentle gardener,

“Gentle Gardener  ~  2  ~  

Be your own person.  Be a conscious co-creator.

The Gentle Gardener is visiting you at this moment in your life to remind you that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the reality you experience.  She is the embodiment of the energy within you that is sent out into the field of co-creation and ensures that all that you are is reflected in the world of form.

Are you aware of your thoughts?  What is their quality?

Believe in limitless possibility and you will see miracles unfold.  The Gentle Gardener guarantees the integrity of everything you send out into the world.

Stay positive and expect a wondrous return.  Your garden is abundant with beauty.”

             This one flipped over MOSTLY direct, but there is a feeling here about wanting to show both sides.  So I am.


Do you harbor resentments?  How often do you reinforce negativity by affirming lack and limitation?  Every time you send out a desire for something but secretly harbor a belief that you are undeserving of it, you plant weeds in the field of your dreams.

When the Gentle Gardener appears in the reversed position, she reminds you to be aware of any negative thoughts or selfish motives.  She encourages you to step back and pay close attention to what thought-seeds you send out into the world.  Weeds choke the life out of your beautiful garden.

No need to fret, however, because once you recognize this, you can always remove a bad seed and replace it with a healthy one!  Forgiveness is your most powerful restorative tool.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid

FLP Report:

is from the past few days, beginning with the Wyoming plate that Dan and I spotted just hours ago.   Also, Iowa (times 2), Florida, Arkansas, Minnesota, WisconsinMissouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and a new New Mexico. 

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  1. Like the card. Wow. Lots of license plates! Zooming around like a crazy person today. AAAAAAHHHHHHH…….

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