In my on-going quest for a successful business, bartering has become more prominent around here.  I want to reach as many people as I can, help as many people as I can, and I don’t want money to be a factor.

             Being a Fair-trade card reader, I know that cash is one way to exchange energy, as are services and/or products.  When I woke up with our message today, it made me happy, because validation is always so nice.

Equal trading.

             By which the Universe means that everyone has value, as do our services, products, and knowledge.  We pay a high price for quality.  As it should be.  When a person studies for decades, that education and devotion needs to be honoured.

             Also, we, our very selves, have value.  Not just whatever product or service we can provide, but the very actuality of us being here, showing up, caring for others, doing the right thing, living our lives with Grace.  Sharing that lovingkindness we can all use more of.

             All of that has value.  Has meaning.  So when we trade or barter or simply sit down for a visit with another (whether on-line or in person), we are exchanging all manner of  worth and merit.

             For a change today, we aren’t flipping a card, but rather, a page.  Here is what April looks like from Doreen’s calendar of Angels.  And here is where our message gets further elaborated on.

"Release the Need for Approval"
Release the Need for Approval

             With this notation along the side:

“Let go of the need to be liked by everyone; it only matters that you value yourself.  Another person’s opinions have no bearing on who you are, as they’re merely statements of that individual’s own self-judgement projected onto you.

Look at your situation as a prime example:

although we angels spend all our time helping others, there are still those who dislike and distrust us.  If we allowed these negative views to weigh us down, we’d be less effective in our purpose.

Think of how much time and energy you have put into seeking the approval of others.  Wouldn’t it feel better to spend your time seeking your own favor, measuring your worth against a higher standard than other people’s opinions?   Of course the answer is yes – and now is the time to adopt this healthful new attitude.

Thought for the Month:

I release the need for other people’s approval; in order to like and appreciate myself, I solely seek my own admiration.  

My healthy self-esteem attracts everything and everyone I could ever want.

I approve of myself.”

Today’s Sharing:

is this duo, two views from the boys’ road trip.

You know how I love chairs........
You know how I love chairs……..

             My son sent me this one.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t with them, I’d totally have gotten us all in trouble when I tried to take a bunch of these home.

Ohgawd, the details!
Ohgawd, the details!

             From the phone of my Beloved.  Quilt pictures!  They both know me so damn well!

              I’m unsure of their exact location at this exact moment, but they should arrive back here some time before the sun rises.

2 thoughts on “Unbiased and Unhindered

  1. It was a good thing I turned over the calendar page here at our house! The husband had a hair cut scheduled for today! 😀

    And, ooohhh, those lovely pictures from your crew! How could anyone chose just one!?

    “Haircut” is a bad word around here. For the past 25 years I’ve tried to ignore the fact that Dan has to do that, in order to keep his job. In the late fall of 2015 though, retirement…….

    11:08 p.m.

  2. Oprah says money is energy and a money transaction is just an exchange of energy. I like looking at it that way.
    I had the need for approval well into my 30’s. Life has been easier since giving it up. The need for acceptance from people like my mother was harder to release. I have mostly done that now, too.

    Ooooo, it’s a slippery bastard, that approval. To some degree, I think we all have a bit of need for it.

    11:09 p.m.

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