For several days now, there has been a question in my head as I wake up.  Does it relate to our message?  IS it our message?  Might it be a specific query to/from someone in particular?

             I’m going to let you decide.  The images that I was shown this morning could go with this.  But they could also have another, more subtle suggestion.  Nothing I’ve done (using all of the tools that usually work) is clearing this up.

             So.  Here it is.  Once we look at it, perhaps we can all figure it out.   Together.  (And no, it doesn’t sound like one specific person or being.)

Will you do me a favor?

            See!  A wee bit on the ambiguous side for my tastes.  I like my VOICEOFTHEGODS missives to be much closer to crystal clear than this one seems to be.

             In our card altar room, we’ve returned to the regular rotation.  What this draw tells us could very nicely be paired up to the mystery question.  Or, not.

self-car, cheryl richardson, retreat, messages of soul voices

 “Retreat  ~

Take a mini-retreat.

Listen to the voice of your soul.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

will be something to make us all think.  And it’s also fun.  Go HERE.  You don’t need to have seen all (or even very many) of the movies to understand what he’s talking about.

Tonight’s Family Update:

is that my boys travel home tomorrow.  Almost just in time for Dan to be back at work, and for Jade to take off on another adventure




5 thoughts on “Care and Aid

  1. Here’s my take – don’t be afraid to ask a favor. See? It’s this easy.


    11:05 p.m.

  2. I like how there is a person curled up on the shell in the card picture. And I like Dan’s interpretation of your message.

    I both enjoyed the Pixar post and also shook my head. But it was also seriously interesting. I know from Saver doing LARP’s that back story and future involvement can get, well, really involved. Even if it never becomes part of an active storyline. I’ve had my brain picked on more than one occasion for name searches and plot holes, etc.. So maybe Pixar people have a whole Universe they’ve created and have sucked in Hollywood and the rest of us…

    That card is also the one featured on the box/cover. It’s one of my faves.

    11:24 p.m.

  3. Hope the boys are having a wonderful trip!

    Have you tried responding to your wake-up question by asking a question such as “how may I help you?” Or, my first response/thought was a simple “yes.” Trying to get a dialog going, in whatever way feels comfortable.

    Today when I get off work I will be able to catch a few minutes of sun rays from my back patio, before it slips behind the building. First time this year! 🙂 that is my mini-retreat. Then I will plant some seeds while the Moon is in Taurus 🙂

    I did ask a similar question last night after this went up, and yes, it started a conversation. 😀

    We had a gorgeous day here, made my bike ride up to the pool extremely peasant.

    11:26 p.m.

  4. Yeah, I agree with Dan. My immediate thought was “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it”–which as we all know is WAY harder than offering help. We are, in fact, taking a mini-retreat. We’re leaving in a couple of hours to go spend a couple of days with dear daughter, will be back on Saturday. *hugs*

    Enjoy your time with that girl!

    11:28 p.m.

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to help me with this one. Turns out, it has to do with the Akashic Records topic from a few days ago.

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