Culturally, we have a certain amount of constants.  We’ve even made them in to jokes, saying that nothing is certain except birth, death, and taxes.

             Personally, I’ve never made enough money for taxes to be much of an issue.  But the other two items on that list have definitely interrupted/enhanced my journey.

             Specifically birth.  On this day, 25 years ago, I was in a hospital, awaiting the arrival of what would be my last baby.  Empress got here in a healthy, albeit dramatic, fashion.  Low-keyed, but not without some concern.

             Every day since then,  she’s made a difference.  In every single life that she’s touched.  There are people who just matter, quietly and deeply.  My youngest kid is exactly that.

             Because it’s a special day, we have chosen from our Special Occasion stack.  And what our focus turns to now, is perfectly suited.

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“Kookaburra  ~  16  ~  Healing

Taking responsibility for our own healing is probably one of the most confronting things any one can do, especially if the intention is to acknowledge and release pent up pain, confusion, and resentment, which are common by-products of years of postponed healing.

In our times, it is common for people to live their entire lives without ever truly healing many of their past painful experiences and long-held resentments.  Most of the time these individuals do not realise there is an alternative to the internal suffering caused when we ignore the need for healing, or fail to see that there is healing to be done.  It is often ignorance rather than denial that prevents healing from taking place.

The Kookaburra has a distinctive call that strongly resembles human laughter, thus earning it the title of ‘the Laughing Kookaburra.’  Many assume therefore, that the message of Kookaburra is that of lightening up and learning to laugh at yourself.  It may be true that its laughter inspires others to laugh along with it, and this rather obvious assessment of Kookaburra’s Dreaming is sometimes relevant.   But the truth of the matter is that if Kookaburra does appear in your cards today, its true message goes far deeper than its superficial laughter.

Among their regular prey, Kookaburra catch Snakes by plunging down, seizing them behind the head, flying up high into the air, and dropping them to their death.  Snake is the harbinger of healing on all levels.  Kookaburra therefore, as a bird that hunts Snakes, is telling you to take responsibility for your own healing and to stop laughing it off.

Although you may have never spoken of your desire to see your own healing fulfilled, those around  you will have sensed the need.  Verbalising your need for healing to these people will not only be a relief for you, it will result in a collective sigh from those around you.  ‘That explains so much . . . ‘ will be the general consensus.

Kookaburra awakens us to our inner truth and, thus, the dawning of a new day.  So, remember, that to witness a silent Kookaburra is Spirit’s way of restoring faith in our quest for personal healing.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Most Festive Event:

Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Emma !!!

             (Yes, my oldest child turned 30 on the 25th and my youngest turned 25 on the 30th.  Meaningful?  Yeah, I’d say so.)

10 thoughts on “A Quarter Of A Century

  1. Emmy and I saw a kookaburra at Wildlife Safari and we sang the song even though we were 100% sure that bird was super tired of that song but I mean we wouldn’t have recognized it without the song so we figured it should be grateful.

        1. On my screen it looks like they worked. Heading over to read the article now.


          Okay, I saw it. Many of these they had before, but not all of them have been working recently. Once they changed the look, I guess they brought the function back.

          I like this one:

  2. Happy birthday, Emma! Yay!!!!

    My little brother and I used to love the Kookaburra song and I’m sure we drove our parents crazy with it. Unfortunately, I have never seen one, even in a zoo. Someday.

    I’m not sure how to go about personal healing outside of therapy. And I’ve been in therapy a really, really long time.

    1. Sometimes therapy does take a while. Doing the work hurts. I like Julie’s take on it as well, though…see what you can grab for yourself. Work with your therapist (my Mrs. is one…) and grab some personal healing, whatever form that takes.

  3. I missed this yesterday due to a visit from my friendly neighborhood migraine. . Happiest of all birthdays to Emma, who does make a difference to all she comes in contact with. I had also noticed the 25th at 30 and 30th at 25 magic as well. Pretty dang cool, if you ask me.

    And a fantastic card to go with it!

    I was glad to hear that your migraine didn’t linger into next week. Hate when that happens.

    11:10 p.m.

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