It seems as though some of yesterday’s guidebook definitions want to stay with us a bit longer.  Even more than that, our daily draw connects back to the last channeled affirmation.  Fun how that happens.

             Much has been written about The Akashic Records*.  It’s a fascinating field of study, and one that I’ve not done nearly enough of.  This basic idea, the premise of all events being documented for all time, is what I was shown this morning.

*There are tons of sites which talk about this, HERE is one that seemed fairly concise and to the point when I went googling around for a link to include, in case this wasn’t something everyone was familiar with.  And THIS is another, the one referenced before.

             I saw images of how we can access this information now, and later, and how we’ve done it before.  It’s OF everyone and FOR everyone.  Available TO everyone.


             All actions and emotions have a purpose.   There are no accidents nor coincidences.   It’s all intentional.  Us and others.  Past, present, future.

             What Crow was telling us had to do with the Karmic Law of Responsibility.   Nothing bad goes unpunished, nothing good goes unrewarded.  Everything is on Record.

             Including how much we give and how much we receive.   It must be, as all things, balanced.

mermaid messages, receiving, oracle cards

“Let Yourself Receive  ~

Allow others to give you loving care.  Receive without guilt or apologies.

You are a giver, and you help others in so many ways.  Most of the time, you truly enjoy giving.  So, when you let others give to you, they experience the joy of giving.  You give them a gift each time that you’re a gracious receiver.

By receiving, you replenish yourself and balance the male and female energies within and around you.  By allowing yourself to receive, you swim in the flow of life, which washes away stagnant energy, bringing in new forms of abundance, creative ideas, and all types of opportunities.

Even the simplest act of receiving is healing, and it is a powerful step in the manifestation process.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Update:

is really an answer for the comment section after THIS POST.  No baking temperature was included in my “recipe” – oops.  375?  That sounds about right.

4 thoughts on “Find-able.

  1. Well darn. If that card isn’t me right now down to the ground. I will do my best to keep that in mind. *sigh*

    It’s challenging for so many of us,
    I know you can do it!

    11:04 p.m.

  2. The Akashic Records are interesting. As I have been exploring quartz crystal shapes and their meanings, I have found that some types of quartz are considered ‘Record Keepers’ of the Universal Life Force. It is quite interesting that so many ‘things’, if you will, talk about the history of ‘life’ since the beginning of ‘time’. And the fact that it can be accessed by us here on earth.

    I had forgotten about the connection to crystals!
    True, the entire field is fascinating.

    11:05 p.m.

  3. Interesting stuff. And I was just talking last week with a friend about how letting others give to us, as difficult as it might be sometimes, is also giving them a gift. I worked very hard on leading Mom to this perspective and she only kind of accepted it near the end. But she tried.

    See above comment to Anna, yes, challenging!

    11:06 p.m.

  4. Yeah, receiving is way harder than giving. Giving lets you still retain the illusion of control. Receiving is just…. taking what comes. Much harder. Also, thanks for the temp for the quiche and the link back to the post with the recipe– I somehow missed that one. I love the idea of a rice crust. I will definitely try it. Also I just found a new recipe for custard, will let you know if it is any good.

    Custard review, yes, please!

    11:11 p.m.

    (Also, very welcome. Let me know how yours turns out and what you had “on hand” that went into it.)

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