On this day, exactly 30 years ago, I gave birth (with a lot of help) to my first baby.  My only boy.  There are not enough words in this world (or the next) to describe the depth of my feelings for him.  For the way that he changed our lives.

             I’m not even going to try.  Instead, we’ll simply wish him the happiest of all Happy Birthdays.  And get right to our messages.  (I saw him last night and earlier today, both were delightful.)

Define the dream.

             By which the Universe is telling us to search our hearts, find what we truly desire.  And then, go get it.  Once we’ve narrowed down the options, and visualized the result, our next step is to allow it to appear.

             And as our Special Occasion messenger shows, we need not doubt our own Dreaming.  Nor our own decision making.

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“Crow  ~  39  ~  Law

As a creature of the Void, Crow is believed to exist in the past, present, and future simultaneously, to embody darkness within the light and light within the darkness, and to watch over all the worlds and dimensions from all viewpoints in chorus.  She makes little distinction between right and wrong, but acknowledges the necessity for the existence of both.  Without them, we wouldn’t learn the lessons afforded by choice.

According to legend, when Crow appears, she is challenging our perceptions while daring us to follow her deep into the Void, into our consciousness, to strengthen our principles, and our relationship with spirit.

Crow encourages us to seek the wisdom found in the inner silence and to ponder our actions and reactions to life.  We inherently know the difference between right and wrong.  Crow asks us, therefore, to trust our judgement and make the most sensible decision when one is required.

Her appearance generally heralds a sudden but necessary change, a wake-up call, or lesson in self-discovery.

Crow is one of the sacred keepers of universal law and the custodian of ancient records.  She espouses the law of three:

the understanding that whatever we do will be returned to us threefold, that it matters not what we do in this life so long as our actions bring harm to none.  

She reminds us that all our actions are recorded and, although karma appears patient, it is often ruthless in its delivery.  To understand these laws and to live by them with the purest intent, will see us exit this life and journey to the next with a clear memory of our previous life and the lessons learned during that time.

If Crow has flown into your cards today, listen to your instincts, and act upon them in a way that honourably serves your purpose.   Treat others as you would like to be treated, never expect others to do what you should do yourself, and never act in a way that may cause harm to another.  Breaking these simple rules will see the strong arm of spiritual law slam down the karmic hammer.

You have all the wisdom and knowledge you need within you to make the right decision.   Call upon it now and  you cannot make a mistake.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s (reworked) Affirmation:

I accept what is,

and release what no longer serves.

(I’ve been saying this for days…….)

LateNight Addition:

Right now J.D. is  on vacation.  When he returns, he’ll be going back to work in a promoted position, (still in law enforcement though).  He’ll even have a new title.  Happy Birthday, Sergeant.

5 thoughts on “Three Full Decades.

  1. Wow, Julie that’s stunning.

    “Crow is one of the sacred keepers of universal law and the custodian of ancient records.”
    This reminds me of The Hierophant, which, in the Wild Unknown Tarot, is a crow with a key, See bottom card on pic here

    Have you read ‘Crow’ by Ted Hughes? May be worth a read. It’s a collection of poems of which many have this central character, Crow – he struggles with God and with his physicality – sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s terrifying.

    Anyway **happy birthday** to the not-so-little feller – have a great day 😀

    Beth xx

  2. Happy birthday to JD! Thirty is a big deal.

    Interesting that the card doesn’t talk about Crow as Trickster. That’s how I always see him.

    Good messages for me today. I’m trying to reinvent my life on a more fundamental scale right now and it’s … hard. And I’m not sure if I’m going in the right direction. *sigh*

    Thirty is a big deal to all of us……
    sort of.

    1:48 a.m.


    “I accept what is, and release what no longer serves.” I say this and then fight with it. *sigh* I’ll get this eventually, right??

    And my crows have returned to my yard. Two, which surprised me. One of the parents disappeared last year. One of the two is clearly a young bird. And large. I wish I knew enough to tell if it’s a mated pair or just two of the offspring returning.

    You won’t get it,
    if you continue to fight with it.

    1:49 a.m.

  4. Happy Birthday, JD! and great affirmation. thank you!

    You’re very welcome.
    It has a nice ring to it, which is good, because it’s still stuck in my head.

    1:51 a.m.

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