Whether we live in a spot where the buildings are hundreds of years old, or maybe the natural features are breathtaking, any place we sit today (and all days) is a sacred place.

             People have been here before us, they have left their mark.  The natural world cycles and lives and dies, surrounding us and supporting us.  When we stop, observing mindfully, taking in our environment, we can’t help but be impressed.

             These are the images I was shown this morning.  A massive variety of scenes.  One after another, rolling by, each more exquisite than the last.  And then, this is what I heard:

look around,

look again.

             Because, absolutely, there is much to see.  And to admire.  Resting our eyes on small bits or large vistas.  When we gaze with this sort of appreciation, we are handed a tool which can successfully be applied to everything.

             Also, harken back to yesterday’s Give-Away bird.  Are we occupying somewhere that can be thinned out or shared somehow?

             Our gifts are too numerous to list.  The beauty of Nature is all around.  The excellence of humankind, likewise.  Raise our eyes and see with a newness with an honouring of the view.

             No matter from what vantage point we peer, from what angle we behold the scene, there’s something pretty damn impressive to look at.  And give thanks for.

             As we continue around our card altar, this same idea is validated by our daily draw.

oracle cards, pause, angel messages, looking with honest eyes

“Pause  ~

Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel asks you to pause for a moment before moving forward.    During this break, take time to consider your true thoughts and feelings about the situation.  You have been moving so fast lately that you may have confused other people’s wishes with your own.

Take time out and really be honest with yourself:

what do you want?  What do you think is the right thing to do?

Pray to know (Mr and Mrs) God’s will in this situation.  You want to feel good before moving forward, so ask your questions and clear any issues before taking further action.  You may decide to wait or cancel the entire project.  If this is the case, you’ll know why you did so after you take the time to pause and consider your options.

This is a message to be true to yourself.  Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by others’ judgments that run contrary to your own.  Once you become clear about your true reasons and motivations, your actions will be fueled by truth, love, and commitment.  These winning ingredients spell sure success for any project!”

             We all have a “project” or an issue in the back of our minds that needs resolving, so I felt this particular message easily blended with our channeled suggestion, in addition to the entire sentiment of Pause being so complementary.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is really from yesterday.

dogs in bars
At the table, just like people.

             After pool class last night, we met the in-town kids briefly for a quick snack.  Including local Grand Dog.  Of course.

2 thoughts on “Halt. Look. See.

  1. I was admiring in my driveway yesterday afternoon. I was bringing plants out of the garage and finding that most had survived the winter. And then I started on the plants that had spent the winter in the driveway. They still had not awakened and I did find some rotted away. (VERY cold winter this year.) But it always amazes me how Mother Earth does what she can for her own even when we humans get in the way.

    These plants are all still in pots. Some for several years. I’m not rich, so I grow from seed and, the biggie, I shop clearance racks. At Lowe’s in particular. Life being what it can be, I haven’t gotten everything in the ground. So they live in the driveway in pots. (Our garage is full. No room for the car!) This, of course, is not normal. Yet they survive. Mostly. It was awesome to sit there going through the pots finding littles bits of life and listening to the birds. Our first warm day in a while, two days after a snow! 🙂

    Mother Nature is amazing.
    Also, well done!

    10:28 p.m.

  2. The Daphne are blooming so the front yard smells good. The house has a view of Lake Washington. And today it is sunny with lots of puffy white clouds. Very pretty day.

    I am feeling a bit better again and so able to interact a bit. I wasn’t ignoring you; I was just incapacitated.

    Great pic of Maxx!

    Good to see you again!
    And yeah, I’m waiting for our Daphne to pop……..

    10:29 p.m.

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