We’ve been having some deceptively bright and sunny days* here this week.  False hope?  Or simply HOPE! that Spring will finally arrive?  Either one brings a good feeling while we’re in it.  (But I never forget that it could still snow, several more times.)

*I know, a new header picture is now FAR past due.  Soon, I promise, soon.

             It’s weather, and we appreciate that in all of its guises.  Just as we look forward to each new day as a positive opportunity and a lovely chance to learn.

             The images that were shown to me this morning appeared to be world’s apart from what I saw yesterday.  Definitely joyful for us all today.

That Spark.

             The inspiration which explodes as if made out of fireworks?  Yeah, this is our message.  Look for it, be open to it, stay alert for it.

             Recently I read about how our guides and members of our Team long for us to see our soul selves the way that they do.  We’re made entirely of that same beautifully bright and sparking brilliance.  When we wear these bodies, that energy can be hidden.

             It’s difficult to stay always lit up like a lantern, though.  The dark moments are necessary to be our contrast.  This message is our reminder though, that we ARE that spark, and we DO have those fabulous ideas because they come from the source of ALL the light, of which we are an equal part.  Never lose hope, just like the seasons, never stopping, always going forward.

             On our card altar right now we have an über attractive and fitting accompaniment.  One of my favorite stones, in fact.

lapis lazuli, oracle cards, crystal messages

“Lapis Lazuli  ~

protection, power, expansive thinking  ~

Lapis Lazuli is a highly spiritual crystal that helps cut through illusions and expands your thinking in ways that serve to empower you.  Is it not time to let go of an outmoded way of thinking or a belief system which no longer serves you?

Remember, you are eternally protected; there is nothing to fear, so just be yourself.

You will soon find yourself thinking outside the square and in doing so, you will begin to unlock your true and unique potential.  Be a leader, not a follower – dare to be different, and success is yours!

You have the ability to mentally and emotionally rise above all  you encounter in life, and in doing so, a clearer picture emerges.”

             I love this line, and think that it should be our new mantra:

“Remember, you are eternally protected;

there is nothing to fear, so just be yourself.”

              It just about covers everything we need to say.  Especially now, with the added bonus of carrying the “expansive thinking” spark, too.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Family Update:

is that my Hurricane will be arriving here in The Burrow tomorrow.  She’s coming down to support her sister.  Empress is going to compete in an event this weekend (along with the rest of her group from the gym).  I might be slightly distracted, or rather, MORE distracted than usual  for the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Shining with Power

  1. Usually, local weather gives us a “spring tease” in early/mid February, where we believe that spring has come, only to have the carpet yanked out from under us. This year, we got snow then. Lots of it. Followed by rain. Finally. So…. it is my fervent hope that we really are at Spring now, even this week before the Equinox.

    Good luck to Em in her bout, and enjoy the Hurricane’s visit. It is, after all, birthday month for some…

    . . . . it is the beginning of birthday season!

    1:29 a.m.

  2. We just went down to 6 degrees again. With some more snow. *sigh* But I have heard bird song for the past couple of mornings, so fingers crossed. Still waiting for the Red Wing blackbirds to show up, though.

    Like the message. Will be looking for my spark.

    Good luck to Em, and enjoy your Hurricane. Both of mine are home this week and it has been wonderful. Too soon it will be Sunday and away they’ll go. 😦

    I never stop thinking “there could be snow” until we’re well in to June!

    1:31 a.m.

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