Our combined messages today are super direct and super simple.  Exactly the way I like ’em.  (And most everything, really.)  They can be applied to SO many situations right now, on SO many levels.

             We’ve discussed this before.  The paring and stripping down of “rules” surrounding a belief system based on lovingkindness, and not volumes of negatively scolding voices.  But, apparently, it’s time to revisit the topic.

Back to Basics.

             Because when we bring every part of what’s important back to its core, all we have is Self-Care and kindness to others; the very act of just not being mean.

             As we look at the image of our daily draw card, the Universe is singing the same tune.

The Devil  ~  15
The Devil ~ 15

             The contrary nature of this position says two things.  First, that we aren’t quite as advanced as we could be.  So, paying attention right now is suggested.  Being aware of what is Be-Deviling us.  What is getting under our skin.  And what is the most irritating.

             And B) there is the aspect of us not allowing our higher selves to run the show.  When we struggle, as these figures are, with chains that are not even connected to anything, we are fighting ourselves.  Often, our own worst enemy.

             And yet….. we truly ARE making progress, the turning has begun.  We’re being mindful, we’re stopping for a Quiet Moment, we’re moving around just for the purely joyful fact that we CAN.  We are ever spiraling upwards…….

             Of all the Devil cards I’ve ever seen, this is my favorite.   It encompasses all of the details and symbols which tell the stories of our fall-downs, our mess-making, our flawed realities.

              At the same time, it also shows us the way out.  The illustration is clear, let go, head down that hallway and through that door, then, enjoy the beauty of the day.  In all of its ease and basic-ness.

             One of my favorite sayings, and bumper stickers came to mind when I sat down with these earlier:

live simply, so that others may simply live

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Update of Fabulousness:

is that my Mermaid Water Replacement bottle is NOT lost any more!  It was found this afternoon.

lost water bottles, sewing room finds
Hope you at least got some quilting done while you were hiding in there!

             On the floor under my sewing machine.  I have no explanation for this.

4 thoughts on “Uncomplicated in the Extreme

  1. AWOL water bottle. Hmmm. Our joke for stuff that jumps off of whatever it is on and hits the floor is “it thought it heard something” (usually with Teddy bears, but I suppose a water bottle might find the need to investigate something.

    Really like the message and the card (and the deck!); reminds me of my New Year’s “Resolution”… don’t sweat the small stuff; and its all small stuff.

  2. You know how brownies like to play tricks if you don’t pay attention to them! Let them clean the house. It will make them happy.

    Or else you have gremlins. For that you need an special kind of pest expert. Just sayin’.

    I’m ready for change and movement to move me out of this stuck place. Really, really ready.

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