This was an over-sleep, get-started-late sort of day.  But it didn’t last into the evening, thankfully.  My head felt scattered when I woke up though.

             For that reason, and quite a few others, we’re going with this small card as our daily draw as well as our message.  (The swirling threads of what I could discern, led me in this direction, and matched up nicely.)

dream messages, oracle cards

“Dreams  ~

Your dreams can be a ‘vent’ for all the negativity you have absorbed in your waking hours.  They can also be used to contact loved ones or see the future.

Before  you go to sleep, just ask (Mr and Mrs) God what you would specifically like to accomplish in your dreams, and you will be amazed at the results.”

             This picture is terrific, I love the imagery of all that wildly flowing untamed hair.  Like we have endless options in our head when we set it on the pillow.  Because, ya know, we do.

             I’m working my way through Denis Linn‘s CDs (as you well know), and the most recent one I just listened to was about dreaming, too.  She describes a way to get in touch with our Dream Guide.

             This is the first time I’d heard of a particular being who had this job.  It does make sense, and I was glad to learn about the process and the existence of this dedicated helper.

             Our Dream Guide is there to keep us safe and to only bring beneficial images.  But, like all guardians and assigned aids, this one can not do anything without our permission.  We need to ASK for help.

             The possibilities are so incredibly open-ended with this prospect.  We can go anywhere and do anything.  A good way to get started is to ask for guidance with a past life which is influencing this current one.  Also, ask to be helped with any matter in day-to-day life that feels overwhelming.

             Personally, I love doing any kind of dream work.  The location is ideal, the commute is nonexistent, and the results, as we just read, are amazing.

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Oracle Cards by Sylvia Browne

Today’s Sharing:

is the March page from my new (Doreen Virtue) Angel calendar.  (Which, interestingly enough, is focused on self-forgiveness.  Hmm, something that just came up in my own personal sphere.  Funny how that happens……..)

Let Go Of Self Judgement

Ultimately, the only person you need to forgive is yourself.  Any anger, resentment, or grudges that you hold toward others can always be traced back to feelings you have for yourself.  This is why some of  your attempts to forgive others have seemed unsuccessful.  Until you forgive yourself, self-reproach will bleed into your relationships with those around you.

Self-forgiveness is different from accepting blame.  Instead, it means first facing your feelings of guilt or anger.  Admitting these emotions to yourself releases the power they had over you previously while they remained hidden secrets.  Your self-candor will lead you to the understanding that you didn’t do anything bad, because nothing wrong can happen in (Mr and Mrs) God’s universe.

Forgive yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do.  Release the illusion of blaming or self-contempt.  Since you are 100 percent love, just like your Creator, you’re only capable of cherishing  yourself.

Thought for the Month ~

I release any judgment toward myself as I view myself through the lens of love.

I have compassion for myself, knowing that I am always doing the best I can.

Our Universe is perfect, now and always.”

3 thoughts on “Visionary.

  1. Blerg. Way-too-damn-early. 2 hours? of sleep. Am leaving shortly to bring Saver home for what may be her last extended stay for who knows how long. She’ll be home for 1 day for Easter. Then she graduates and will most likely be headed East…

    After Hanny graduated, she stayed in another state, but she got several hours closer to us. I took it, at least it wasn’t farther away.

    12:20 a.m.

  2. I have often tried dream work with no discernible result. Same with lucid dreaming. But I’m always willing to try again. And I do think that self-forgiveness is very important. I’m becoming less a believer in forgiving others who’ve done bad things to us. Thoughtless things? Forgiveable. Abuse? Not so much. But unnecessary to forgive them, in my mind. Just need to find a way to let go and move onward.

    “…with no discernible result.”

    And you thought you weren’t getting signs, either.

    12:23 a.m.

  3. We’re home! Guess what I saw? An Alaskan license plate! I had to tell you ’cause I know you understand the excitement!

    Oh, I completely understand!

    12:24 a.m.

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