In yesterday’s comments, our own brilliant Barb suggested that when we find our object d’art, that of the aesthetically pleasing manner, we share it here.  Yes, please!  Send me a pic and I’ll put it up for all to enjoy.

             For right now though, the Universe is letting us know that just ANY old thing won’t do.

Use a discerning eye.

             Which is pretty clear advice.  Not only is it sound for this particular situation, but in life, too.

             When we tune in, pay attention to the signs and symbols around us, we are practicing that mindfulness which slows us down enough to really appreciate our lessons.  And along the way, view some damn fine scenery as we go.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, our daily draw continues the theme from where the fairies left off.

animal oracle cards, messages of travel, spider symbolism

“Spider  ~

Travel will open up new possibilities and one special connection.

Spider flies on silken strands through azure skies and brooding storms, and knows that the time has come to expand your horizons.  Travel, be it to faraway lands or a flower-strewn meadow, and see the world through new eyes, with the deep understanding that nothing is impossible.

Spider sees her world through touch, not light, translating vibration into knowledge.  Take wisdom from what you cannot see and if the fleeting touch of another affects you, acknowledge that connection and allow it to flourish.”

             A lot of vision-based ideas today.  Interesting, and makes me think that we need to keep our eyes open, on several levels.  Not just seeing on the physical realm (obviously), but being aware more deeply, and on a higher vibrational plane.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Holiday Wishes and Greetings:

are to hope that you all are having/did have a wonderful and festive Mardi Gras.  French speaker, Catholic practitioner, Louisiana resident, or none of the above, it’s a beautiful and fabulous celebration.

One thought on “More Than Simply Sight

  1. Okay, really not a fan of spiders. so when I saw Spider scroll up on my screen I got that jolt I get when I glimpse anything even vaguely spider-like. However, good message.

    Kinda how I feel about cats……….. then I have to immediately look away.

    2:33 a.m.

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