We just talked about being in Mercury’s retrograding Shadow Phase.  But what we did NOT discuss was all the other planets that are currently doing the backward dance.

             (See that middle category   [over there   <——-  ]  which I’ve entitled: Additional Helpful Reminders.  It’s current.  Not complete, though.)

             I mention this because we here in The Burrow have had several delays lately.  Shit that just goes sideways, no matter what we do or say or plan.  But also, because our message this morning is of the same feeling.

Putting back together is messy.

             For whatever reason (maybe we’ll know later, maybe we won’t), the physical forward progress around here has been nil.   Not exactly going back, but we certainly aren’t making any ahead movements, either.

             When the Universe reminds us that our lives/bodies/dilemmas and problems are not quite as tidy as we’d like, hmmm, that’s not terrific.  It does not bode well.   However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary.  Or that we can’t get through it.

             We are inherently messy creatures, animals in nature are, that’s just a given.  We’re leaky, we’re loud, and some of us (me!) have no sense of decorum, what so ever.  “Putting back together,” or perhaps spiraling upward, clearly needs to be done.

             It’s also obvious that this is going to be a grubby, blotchy, and chaotic endeavor.   For certain.  Unquestionably.

             Is our daily draw very helpful?  Maybe.  Depends on how well we are at releasing right now.  There is much that we need to let go of.  Lots.  We should probably accept that, so our work will proceed more smoothly.

oracle cards, goddess messages, the sacred path

“Goddess of the Sacred Path  ~

Let go of logic and trust your intuition.

This is a time to let go of what you think is logical and trust your feelings.  What is it that you would truly love to do or experience at this point in your life?  Imagine.  If you could do anything, what would it be? 

The answer dwells in  your heart, not in your mind.  This is because your heart holds your true essence, it is the gateway to your soul – whereas the mind dwells more within fears which often prevent us from fulfilling our true potential.

All is possible, when what you choose to do and experience, aligns with your heartfelt purpose and dreams.  Trust your feelings.  

Start to keep a journal in which you express and explore all it is you would truly love to be, have, and do in life.

Do this lovingly and honestly and  you will be gently guided along your sacred path.”

             Can she help us with the “messy”?  I like to think so.  Step back and see what most needs doing now, then, let go of what isn’t helping us put our shit back together.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Affirmation For March:

is from my Louise Hay calendar.

“I communicate with love and attract loving experiences and people to me.”

             Continuing, with her message to us, on how she applied the principles of her Sacred Path, and did her own putting back together.

“Communication is a song of love.

Loving communication is one of the happiest and most powerful experiences for people.

How do I get to this space?  I have done a lot of work on myself.  I have read many books, and I have come to understand the principles of life, such as ‘what I think and say goes our from me, the Universe responds, and it comes back to me.’

So I begin to ask myself for help and to observe myself.

As I allow myself the space to watch without judgement and without criticism,  I begin to make great progress in loving communication.

What do I believe?  What do I feel?  How do I react?  How can I love more?  And then I say to the Universe, ‘teach me love.’ “

             (Additionally,  I may have lost the Mermaid Water Bottle replacement.  Fingers crossed that it’s someplace where they’ll recognize it’s mine and hang on to it.)

3 thoughts on “Physical Toil and Trust

  1. “the physical forward progress around here has been nil. Not exactly going back, but we certainly aren’t making any ahead movements, either.” THIS!!! I’m sooo glad it isn’t just me! NOT that I would wish this on anyone!!

    Yesterday seemed to be a small breakthrough day even though it started out yucky. I had brought Spider Bait home to help with some physical shit but as soon as we got up (EARLY) we found 2 inches of snow on the ground that wasn’t supposed to start arriving till later afternoon. We wound up stuffing him into his clothes and out the door ASAP so we could get him back to school before the roads got totally gross. But the afternoon and evening weren’t too bad and we actually got some stuff done. Hopefully it will carry over and get us out of “stalled” mode.

    Another lost bottle!? Well, evidentally the “right” bottle hasn’t found its way to you yet. How’s that for putting a positive spin on things? 🙂

    Definitely not just you.

    10:56 p.m.

  2. Hmm. Okay. I like the idea of keeping a journal to explore what I want to do, what my passion is, what I feel driven or called to do (because I’m just not feeling those things right now, so obviously I need to give some extra attention).

    I hope you find your bottle. I love my purple one a lot.

    Possibly it was left at the pool, but I couldn’t go to my class this evening, so I’ll find out on Wednesday.

    10:57 p.m.

  3. Trust –> I’m working on that. Thanks for the excellent reminder. And journaling! I’ve been trying to for a couple of months now and it’s harder than I remembered it. Hope the mermaid water bottle reappears.

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