Do any of you watch Project Runway’s: Under The Gunn?  It’s like the original Project Runway (and Project Runway All Stars), with all the good parts, but without Heidi.  In this newest version there are designer-mentors.

             I knew we were clueless about fashion before, and seeing these programs totally sealed the deal.  But we are learning, and it’s fascinating.  Also, enjoyable and educational.  The biggest draw, for me though, is Tim Gunn.  The man is Grace personified.

             He is an amazing guy, just in general.  Super knowledgeable and smart about tons of shit, not only this industry.  When he was a design school instructor he came up with the phrase which is our message today.

Make it work.

             It’s also going to be our daily draw image.  Because that’s what I was directed to share.

Tim Gunn
The very picture of dapper and debonair.

             This all blends nicely with yesterday’s information.  When we REALLY put forth the effort, with our whole being, we truly are able to make nearly anything work.

             Like the designers on these shows, we have guides.  We never need to go it alone.  However, also like on the shows, as Tim Gunn advises, we can’t allow someone else to do it FOR us.

             In order to learn, we absolutely must absorb the lesson by physically (emotionally, spiritually) doing it.

             Now, everyone say it with me, in the voice of Tim Gunn, “make it work, people.”  (Briskly clap three times.)  “Make it work!

Today’s Sharing:

is this view.  It made a rainy bike ride home even more difficult.  Panniers are not always my friend.

I'm behind already!
I’m behind already!

             Why do all of my requests come in at once?  Shit, if you need me, I’ll be over there on the couch, reading.  And then, ya know, reading some more.

2 thoughts on “Performance Compulsion.

  1. Nope. Don’t watch it. Like the message, though.

    Only 8 books? Shoot, that’s not even a week’s worth of reading! 🙂 Enjoy!

    Tune in some time, it’ll be worth it.

    9:43 p.m.

  2. I adore Tim Gunn! He’s a great combination of cheerleader, support team, mentor, teacher, and whip snapper (gently but firmly). You have to love and respect him. i hadn’t seen the Under the Gunn episodes, but now I’m going to watch them! Because the regular Project Runway isn’t on right now. 🙂

    Yes, I know I have to “make it work” and I’m the only one who can do so. It’s sinking in. And all the ways I’ve failed to do this, and failed myself, are also sinking in. I started pushing yesterday, slowly and gently. Trying to go too hard, too far, too fast will only end in tears and yet more paralyzation. But it’s a start. I’ll just install Tim Gunn in my mind to help out!

    No failures, lessons!

    9:44 p.m.

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