Watching Over, and Watching Out For

             This is the conversation that was happening inside my head before I got up today, right after I was made aware of what our message was supposed to be.  Seriously.   Not even kidding.

Me:  It’s a tired old cliché.

The Team:  It’s the message.

Me:  Can’t we make it better?  Less trite and more fun?

The Team:  That’s the message.

Me:  I could try to change up the words a bit, use a thesaurus.

The Team:  That’s the message.

Me:  You won’t work with me at ALL here?

The Team:  That.   Is.   The.   Message.

             So, apparently, this is our message:

expect the unexpected.

             (To which I really wanted to add: no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!  But I didn’t.)

             And don’t blame me, I tried.  You can see how hard I lobbied for this to sound differently.  I’m just the radio here, and totally not anywhere near “in charge.”  Obviously.

             Whatever your particular “unexpected” event ends up being (and believe me, I saw some doozies), just know that in the end we’ll be perfectly fine.

             Plus, now we’re (kinda) prepared for it.  Probably.  Sort of.  (At least we know it’s immanent.)

              Bottom line though, we won’t be going through any of it alone.  That’s just a fact.  But it’s also what our daily draw is here to validate.

angel messages, we are never alone

“Heaven is Watching Over You  ~

Guardian Angel  ~

Rest assured that (Mr and Mrs) God and your guardian angels are watching over you and your loved ones.  You are very loved, and  you’re not alone in this situation . . . or ever.  You (and those dear to you) have powerful helpers surrounding you at all times.

This is a message for you to release any worries to Heaven (or The Force, or Whatever).  There is simply nothing for you to fear!  Besides, worry never helped improve anyone or anything.  A better approach is to pray and ask for help, and then allow Heaven (or….) to help you.  You deserve Divine help, support, and protection.

As you and your loved ones sleep, angels are watching over you.  Guardian angels protect your home, health, and well-being.  Nothing can penetrate the power of their love as they form a protective barricade to ensure that you’re all kept safe and sound.”

             You can see that I’ve taken to altering these as they sit, it seemed the way to go right now.  Also, I was just having a conversation with my niece Madalynn (earlier this week) about angels.  This is not the image we were thinking of.  But hey, it’s what we’re getting today.  So, we’ll roll with it.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

 is a decision that I just made recently.  I’m going to get this deck, because ever since I “discovered” it, she’s been calling to me.  (I’m pretty sure I know why, but I don’t want to say anything until I’m a thousand percent confident.)

             I learned, a way long time ago, not to ignore these directions and instincts.  I’ll let you know when it shows up.

             (Also, you can see how well it works for me to argue with what the Universe is saying.  I just won’t win, so I may as well Accept.)

4 thoughts on “Watching Over, and Watching Out For

  1. As I trundle about my morning routine (coffee, paper, check email, begin to peruse the interwebs, with my first stop here) enjoying the rain, and the thought of sitting on my deck to enjoy nature, I get my message: Expect the unexpected. How cool! And then to know that the Camp Host is on duty. Yay!!!.

    And nothing like being bludgeoned by the Team, now, is there? I am reminded of (whimsically) “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” who had a knob that glowed gently and blinked “pull” until it was ignored, and the words “pull, idiot” were displayed. I remember it so well because it was how I learned to correctly pronounce “idiot”.

    Now those songs are all stuck in my head ……………….

    9:31 p.m.

  2. “expect the unexpected” Yuh, huh. Right. You’re much more polite to the Universe than I would have been. 🙂

    Funny how some decks won’t leave you alone. I wound up with “The Heart of Faerie Oracle”. I had kept ‘looking at’ Brian Froud’s Faerie decks. These aren’t your ‘sweet and light’ faeries. Froud is known mainstream for his work on “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth” and his wife for ‘Yoda’. But they both are seriously into Faeries. Anyway, I just kept coming back to the Oracles (there are two). Then ‘poof!’ “The Heart of Faerie” ‘appeared’ at Half Price Books less than half price. We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, I have a deck of awesome art work.

    Being polite is sort of how we get the most information.

    I know exactly who they are, their International event, FaerieWorld, began here, Empress and I were there at the first one.

    9:45 p.m.

  3. Your Team is very pushy. 🙂

    Expect the unexpected? Well, that’s kind of no different for me in a larger sense and quite different in a day-to-day sense. We’ll have to see which level the unexpected thing occurs on. Maybe it would wake me up a bit: that would be nice.

    It will be interesting to see the cards. I keep being attracted to a set of round cards (cannot currently remember the name). Maybe if I find them at Half-Price I’ll buy them! 🙂

    No. Not pushy at all.
    They are correct.
    Big difference.

    9:46 p.m.

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