So hey.  I just spent the last hour dealing with no interwebz.  On the phone, discussing this issue with a trying-to-be-helpful young woman/representative of our cable provider.  We found nothing wrong.  And yet.  I had no connection.  We made an appointment.  And hung up.

             And then.  Ta da!  All fixed.  Now I have to cancel the appointment.  Whew.  All I could do was laugh, because today we were going to talk about Mercury!

             We still are.  Tomorrow morning (Friday) it returns direct.  We’ll still have a Shadow Phase to get through for another week, but the “real” reverse is nearly over.

             (Except for that last jab in the ribs I just got.  Kinda like, there ya go!)

             I had planned on spending some time in reflection, going back over the last batch of Retrograde days.  Now, I am SURE to look at what lessons were delivered to my door.  (Or desktop, as may be the case.)

             We know the lessons are in those delays, it’s just a matter of figuring out what they are.  And why.  We can’t see them when they’re super close though, as they are happening.  It takes a bit of time passing in order for us to look back and find the meanings.

             What was shown to me this morning was the reminder I needed for this assessment exercise.  The images told another side of the story.  One of challenges met.

We are capable of so much more than we even realize.

             The bodies that we wear are amazing tools of unimaginable intricacy.  But our souls are even MORE capable.  We’re truly wondrous creatures, and rarely do we get the recognition that we deserve.

             Daily we are faced with innumerable decisions and tasks.  So many of which we solve and take care of without thinking much about them.  But then there are those chores, the ones that seem almost painful to get through.

             Facing them, looking back on what worked (or didn’t) last time, gazing with Hope into the future.  All of these are ways of management.  In my card altar room today we’ve been directed away from the regular rotation so that this message could help us as well.

letting go messages, coming apart, oracle cards

“Coming Apart  ~  46  ~

Now is the time to take separate paths.


The Coming Apart card is a sign to put an end to what is no longer working for you.  Has a commitment been broken?  Perhaps you need to break a promise, or change course because you took on more than you could handle.

This is the perfect time to reassess your goals and values.  Are your actions in alignment with what you believe in?  Have you created a partnership that is not mutually beneficial?

Separation, dissolution, and dispersion are all in focus now.  If someone wishes to break away from you, don’t chase the relationship out of a sense of fear.

The price you’ll pay will not be worth the prize.  Separation brings good fortune.


A situation is unraveling, and  your best plans are leading you into a tricky maze.  Your challenge is to separate out the elements of this puzzle to get a better perspective on what happened.

You may have lingered too long in a place where you didn’t belong anymore, seduced by a temporary solution.

As you untangle yourself, it’s important to maintain a sense of humor.  Don’t fret.  You will learn something valuable that you’ll need later when faced with a more dangerous situation.

Breathe . . . and know that you are loved.”

             I’ve included both views, because it seemed right.  I’m not fond of this particular illustration, but I continue to love the cards and book (which I haven’t cracked the cover on in over a week).  Double images like that are uncomfortable for me to look at.

             The way this one is worded though, that’s the key.  We can take a Quiet Moment and not only examine what was learned during Mercury’s delays, but also see what’s up with where we might need to make some space for ourselves.

             And truly, thank our entire selves for the fabulous work we’re doing, every freaking minute of the damn day.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

South Carolina.  That’s been it.

2 thoughts on “Ascertaining as we Go

  1. Bye-bye Mercury! Project time!

    I’m not real thrilled with that image on the card either. The first thing I thought of was mentally losing it. Disintegration. I’ve loved all the cards you’ve put up from that deck so far. But not this one. They need a better image that fits with the message. Or maybe call it moving apart or separation or something. Cover up time? 🙂

    For me, it’s kind of always Project Time. 😉

    11:07 p.m.

  2. I guess this kind of describes where I’m at: figuring out if I need to let go of my idea that I’ll find a good job as a tech writer that pays lots of money and allows me to live more than comfortably. I still want something that I enjoy doing that will still allow me to live independently and comfortably, although maybe not to the level that the previous vision allowed for. I am not thrilled about making this change, or having to make this change, but something’s got to change. At least I rarely have problem with Mercury!

    Remember, we’re okay with Change now!

    11:08 p.m.

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