It seems as though yesterday’s message needs some clarification.  Apparently.

             The images I was shown, for seemingly endless hours, were a series of upsetting and exhausting situations all too familiar to my life.  I over-slept precisely due to the fact that I ended up with a not-very restful night, dozing and waking.  And then, just being tired.

             When we talk about helping and being in a place of assistance  we are always to remember the rule of carrying our own sticks.  And no more.

Thoughtful tasking.

             Stay mindful, the Universe says.  Do reach out.  Do aid in jobs that might not have been assigned to you.  Do not take on more responsibilities than are yours to deal with though.  Or, in other words, no enabling.

             Only gentle aid.  Offered with lovingkindness.  Help with care and walk lightly.  In fact, making those steps is exactly what our daily draw is focused on.

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“Body Movement  ~

Your body wants to express itself through movement.  Listen to your body, and it will tell you what type of movement it craves.

Your physical body has its own life force and intelligence, and it’s part of the same elemental kingdom as the fairies.  It is both childlike and demanding, as well as mature and insightful.  This card indicates your body’s wisdom, and asks that you honor your body’s need for exercise and movement.

Spend a moment asking your body what type of movement it desires.  Does it want cardiovascular conditioning such as jogging?  A peaceful walk in nature? Stretching and meditative activities in a yoga class?  Dancing to music?  

Listen to and follow through with your body’s answer.


I lovingly pay attention to my body’s needs.”

             One of the things I’ve learned by working with my mental health team here in town, is to go within.  I’m really good about talking to dead people and reading other people’s cards, not so much when it comes to me.

             Some quiet, still time to simply listen is vital.  Grab it whenever you can, take those 3 minutes for just yourself.  It’s a gift we cannot refuse.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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is actually a view from yesterday.

biking in eugene
Nice enough weather that I didn’t need rain gear.

             It’s Girl Scout cookie time, did you know?  Yeah.  And I had some cash, dammit.

3 thoughts on “Attention and Motion.

  1. “…but not so much when it comes to me…” Yeah, that one. The universe gave me a really good lesson in asking for and receiving help 8 years ago, and I have tried to remember it. Easy to give, not so easy to ask. I think I am on the lesson of saying “no” occasionally these days. Also not easy.

    Big lessons are so LARGE!

    11:36 p.m.

  2. I’ll ditto Xenatuba.

    Girl Scout Cookies!!! I totally forgot! Usually my nieces are clamoring about cookies. I wonder why I haven’t been notified????

    I, too, had interrupted sleep so I’m with you on the tired part.

    For YEARS we had a connection, and only got our cookies from those girls. Now, we’re all on our own, seeking them out wherever we can find ’em.

    11:37 p.m.

  3. I’m trying hard to not only listen to what my body wants but also give it what it asks for/needs. Two parts. Like, yesterday my mouth craved ice cream but my stomach was satisfied. So I told my mouth it could crave all it wanted, but that we wouldn’t be having ice cream at that time. The craving eventually went away. It was an accomplishment.

    My difficult lesson was that the body I’m wearing pretty much always just tells me to sit. And stay sitting.

    11:41 p.m.

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