Well, this was different.  And isn’t it fun sometimes, that things work out that way?  What I saw as our message today were images still along the same lines as our recent theme of support and self-care, but with a twist.

             You all know what a CSA is right?  So think local, think farm fresh, think nutritious, think:

Good Food.

             It’s not uncommon for me to dream of food, or eating, or restaurants I WANT to be eating in.  Theses images were not like that.  For one thing, they weren’t dreams, and for another, they weren’t simply about eating.

             When we nourish our body well, we are, at the same time, nourishing our soul.  It’s back to Self-Care and Hospitality.  Lovingkindness, starting with something so basic as the fuel our physical form requires to run smoothly.

             If you’ve been here a while you know that I have my own issues around food.  Since adopting the Intuitive Eating idea though (and letting go of numbers), I’m better, most certainly improved.  So I’m clearly not telling anyone how or what to eat.  I’m merely the radio, sharing what I heard.

             And what I heard is that we need to take special care.  Be kind.  Choose with our Mother Earth in mind, as well as our taste buds.  Every neighborhood or town has SOME sort of natural foods market (or aisle in the grocery store).  If you don’t have Farmer’s Markets where you are, e-mail a city council member or county commissioner, and get one.

             Does organic food cost more?  Right now, yes.  I’ll be the first to say that it’s quite the clever chore to gather enough coins to purchase what is best for us and our community.   However, I do make the effort, as often as possible.

             I believe this is what’s at the heart of today’s message.  Doing our best.  Thinking in a healthy and whole direction.  Not just for our bodies, minds, and spirits, but for all living beings around us.

             On our card altar, we’ve arrived at the duplicate of the one I read from.  It’s an excellent summation for our week.

Ace of Cups
Ace of Cups

             Our cup runneth over with love and caring.  When we talk Cups, we talk heart.  We talk devotion and we talk love.

             There is abundance at the ready, just as several of our other cards have mentioned lately.  When we think Happy, we get Happy.  When we think prosperity, we get prosperity.

             This is one of my favorite illustrations (in a complete pack of adored images).  The rich colours, the blending of pastels, the crisp quality of the gem-style heart and blue stone above it.  All of this just screams RICH to me.

             Which is precisely the point.  We are rich in support right now, we are rich in joy and truth.  As well as the fact that it’s a One.  New beginnings.  Starting fresh and starting hopeful.

              This card is sometimes called The House Of The True Heart.  A gift, if ever there was one.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

FLP Report:

begins with this example.


             And continues with Illinois (times 2), Florida, another BC (hey, Canada!), either a New York or Alaska (couldn’t tell, but it was definitely yellow and blue), and a Hawaii.  (No question about why they paid to ship this vehicle over.  It was white and expensive and custom.)

3 thoughts on “Hale and Hopefully on to the Happy

  1. I love this deck! And I love the Ace of Cups. That’s simply a beautiful card.

    Working on reaching out to the Universe for abundance.

    I love it, too. 😀
    Yay for abundance!

    9:26 p.m.

  2. Bandwagon jumper, love the deck. We’ve swung over to the organic side of things, and gonna jump on the CSA bandwagon, too. We bought a grass fed beef quarter from Mary’s CSA farm this fall. Based on a lot stuff I have read lately, I am not buying commercial pork ever again. I have no problem eating meat for food, I do have a problem with animals that are mistreated.

    I have seen several New York plates lately…

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