We’re facing a few challenges here in The Burrow right now, so let’s just move straight into our channeled and guided messages.

             This one was more of a feeling than block of words.  I was shown scenes, but they changed quickly, one fading into the next.  All with the awareness of:


             It’s not as much about “come in, welcome to my home ” as it is more like mindfully being in a state of Grace.  Think of an over-all helping attitude and demeanor.  The concierge for everyone on the planet.

             As in, striving to be a loving and supportive person in/to all of Life.  No matter the space or location, we are reminded to be a supportive presence.  To be companionable in all aspects; generous of time and spirit.

             An example from me, personally.  I like to show visitors around my town.  Share stories and tales that could only happen here.  Invite them to learn about and explore the beauty of my state.  And, wonderfully enough, as we returned back to our regular rotation around the card altar, a local denizen has arrived as official greeter.

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“Beaver  ~

Investing in home comforts provides security and family togetherness.

Glossy Beaver counsels conservation in all senses of the word, from protecting the earth’s resources for future generations, to freeing yourself from large projects that sap your vigor and leave you vulnerable.

Beaver mates monogamously for life and keeps her offspring safe until the call of the wild bids them leave.  Although our lives may be very different, the archetypal family unit still haunts our dreams.

Beaver’s lesson is that you turn longing into reality and transform love into a way of life.”

             This perfectly aligns with what was shared with me, and basically what we’ve been hearing so much of lately.   Reminiscent of yesterday’s draw, keeping Universal love in mind, not simply a myth of romantic love.  Self-Care and lovingkindness as our foundations.

              When we add this all up, it comes together in a clear and powerful way.   With the added bonus of it being directly from right here, in the Beaver State.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

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  1. I’ll be sharing the love tonight with the son. He has invited us to dinner tonight. After we pick him up so he can go shopping. 🙂

    I hope your challenges fade away and all becomes well for you and yours!

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