Happy Oregon Statehood Day!  Hope everyone had a delightful (and stress-free) February 14th.  We battled a clogged sink drain, showed up early for appointments, connected with our kids, and went to work.  But still, we raised a metaphorical glass in honour of the occasion.

             Before I left the waterbed though, I was shown several views that need sharing.  All of them distinct and specific.  All with the same exact message:

try again.

             For example, the most obvious was a door.  It was solid.  And it was painted white, but with wear-marks from where it met with the frame over many many many years.  Bare wood showing through after so much time.

             The scene was intensely focused, allowing me to only see the bottom third.  Close the door.  This bit won’t go.

             Close the door, the lower portion refuses to shut cleanly.   Slam the door, it bounces back.  Shove the bottom of the door, it simply does not seal.

             Message?  Where we think that there is no more hope, that this avenue is closed off to us, it’s not.  Try Again.

             Open the door, give this another chance.  And when “it” is truly finished, gently pull the door shut behind, as we walk out and away.

             The act of completion will ease the door quietly and firmly in place.  When we stop fighting, we are gifted with the peace and knowing that we’ve released the struggle.

             On our card altar today we start with a line that I’ve changed.  The entire guidebook definition needed work.  It’s better now.

oracle cards, angel messages, beloved, spiritual relationship

“Beloved One  ~

Archangel Chamuel:

‘I am helping you with your spiritual relationships.’

Additional Message:

‘Love is all around you right now.  You don’t need to search for it.  Rather, by holding loving thoughts and conducting loving actions, you attract and manifest love in all aspects of your life.

Call upon me to guide  your thoughts and actions, to bring more love into your life.   Converse with me regularly about love in your life.  I can help you fall in love with your life, and heal and manifest wonderful relationships.’

Working with Archangel Chamuel:

Chamuel’s aura is pale green, like a springtime leaf in the morning sunlight.  You can feel close to Chamuel’s loving energy by wearing or carrying a green fluorite crystal.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is merely to remark on how I continue to enjoy my guided meditation CD collection from Denise Linn.

3 thoughts on “Official Caring Day

  1. Very interesting imagery in your message today. Try again, and also, work the problem. It is interesting that the physical door I have in my house that sticks at the bottom leads from our garage to the underhouse space, which is immense. We don’t call it a crawl space, but a walk around and jump space. Back to the door: It is 2/3 of a door with a ledge that you must step over to get under the house. Given that we are built on a clay hillside, parts of our house have settled. The bottom of this door sticks. A lot. To work the problem, I have been lifting up on the door for several years; I am soon resorting to planing the bottom of the door.

    Good card, too. Spiritual relationships….must ponder.

  2. “When we stop fighting, we are gifted with the peace and knowing that we’ve released the struggle.” This is always a toughy.

    I have green flourite!

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