We are currently watching the Olympics, and because my Deputy works nights, our viewing has to all be smooshed together.  He has a bonus day off.  (Yay!)  Which means, more Olympics tonight.

             (I am viewing this entire event with mixed feelings though, as I’m sure many of us are.  The politics are just so SO much.)

             Here is what I woke up hearing today.  With very few images, mostly just a sense of the words.

Book, cover: no judging.

             We all know this line, the key is how to apply it in a metaphysical sense.  It’s the same as when we make a quick assessment of someone by what they’re wearing.  We might do it with their spiritual beliefs.

             This is a reminder for us all.  No jumping to conclusions, because the simple fact is, we just plain don’t know.  Here is a perfect example, the stack I was directed to draw from this afternoon can be off-putting.  But rather than toss the entire thing, I’ve chosen to cover up some of the images.

             That way, none of us is distracted by (or judging of) the illustration.  Rather, we are better able to concentrate on the words of wisdom.

oracle cards, angel of joyfulness, angel messages

“Angel of Joyfulness  ~  

Something wondrous and magical is about to happen.

This is a time to be joyful; celebrate and appreciate all that you have achieved to date.  Look back on your life and give thanks for all your experiences.

Even the setbacks that you have experienced in recent times have served you in some way.  Something wonderful and magical is about to emerge as a result of a recent contact or experience that seemed rather meaningless at the time.

The Angel of Joyfulness is here to tell you that you deserve to be and have all that your heart truly desires, and that your life is on the verge of a wondrous transformation.

You deserve joy and happiness for you are a blessed child of the universe.  Joyfulness is a state of appreciation and love for the self and for all of life, yet so often we are conditioned not to accept joy in our lives.

Close your eyes right now and tell yourself that you deserve to be joyful and that you accept joy into your life from this moment on, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.”

             Did everyone do that?  Close your eyes and make that intention?  If not, we’ll wait……….

             All done?  Good.  Wasn’t that nice?  When we speak these statements (internally or externally, doesn’t matter), the fact of thinking it, most certainly, causes being it.  Manifestation is that simple.  So don’t forget, we are not here to decide anyone else’s journey.

             Makes not a bit of difference what cover we are wearing, or what we are showing on the outside.  The point is to live by accepting joy and judging not.

Today’s Deck:

Gods, Goddesses, and Angels Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report:

began with a BC that I spotted from my bike today, plus these from the past few days.  We have one Ohio, a New York, and the old style New Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Disregarding Cheerfully

  1. I’ll take this card! 🙂

    We, too, are watching Olympics. And, I, too, am sick of the politics. Everyone’s jumping to use the international venue for air time. *shakes head* There’s enough ‘politics’ going on amongst the athletes. The politicians should take a hike.

    By separating the horrid stories we’ve been hearing from the beauty and strength of those athletes, I can get through it.

    11:30 p.m.

  2. I’m kind of glad we don’t have TV (cable) because I don’t have to make a decision about whether to watch the Olympics or not. The whole situation sucks.

    I am pleased with this card’s message and yes, I did the intention. Really, really need it right now.

    One of the most unfair parts is how hard the athletes have trained, and then, their work is overshadowed by ignorance.

    11:31 p.m.

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