My parents are still without power (also heat!), but as hard as Teresa and I tried today, we couldn’t get them to stay anywhere but home.  Can we say “set in our ways” all together now?

             On the plus side, my pool was open tonight.  The office doesn’t have phones or credit card machines, but the salty water was warm.  And here in The Burrow, we have a fascinating message.

Defining of good and bad.

             What I was shown was a series of misfortunes.  As well as completely incongruous events.  All with the theme of “is this good or is this bad?”

             The answer is: it depends on who does the asking.  For some, the very same situation that would be warmly welcomed by them, would be deemed a horrendous disaster for others.

             The point is that we can’t actually assign these labels with a broad brush.  But also, we are being asked to look at how WE perceive good and bad, from another perspective.  Turn our heads, and see it from another angle.

             The other point which was made to me, was that we are to use the same stack as yesterday.  At first I thought, “well that’s kinda different, and it’s never happened before.”  Then, when I flipped it over, I literally Laughed Out Loud.

oracle cards, gateway oracle cards, psychic abilities and channeled messages

“Hearing Messages from Spirit  ~

‘I am a clear channel for messages from Spirit.’

Card Meaning:

Believe!  Right now your spirit guides, ancestors, and loved ones who have passed on are sending you messages, love, and healing.  Have faith that you can discern these messages . . . and you will.

You are a vibrational match for communication from these spiritual realms, and so now and in the days ahead, you’ll be even more aware of these loving messages that are flooding your soul.

The Universe wants you to know:

One of the secrets of the Universe is the power of belief.  If you are able to imagine and truly believe that something can  happen, then miracles will abound.

Look for signs.  The feather that alights at your feet, the penny that mysteriously appears, or the rainbow splashed across the sky might be a sign that Spirit is trying to get your attention.

Watch the signs in your dreams, too, for messages from Spirit are most often conveyed during the nocturnal hours.  Messages are waiting for you.  Listen to the whispers in the wind.

Questions to ask yourself:

If I knew who was trying to reach me from the realm of Spirit, who would it be?  If I knew what the most important message was, what would it say?


I am a clear channel for messages from Spirit.”

             This is the perfect spot to discuss the use of “Spirit” and “the spirit world” or any other reference to the Universe.  Any allusion to the Divine Source (what may also be called Mr and Mrs God) is the right one for the person using it.

             I don’t personally say Spirit to refer to all that is of the spiritual realm, but many people do.  Much like the problematic nature of labeling Good or Bad, this is a very special and sacred action.  When we use a term that rings true for us, it’s an ease on our soul, and then, easier to make the connection.

             The truth is, THEY don’t give a flying shit WHAT we call them/it.  As long as we do.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s View from Instagram:

is this photo and caption from earlier, at dinner.

Followed by J.D. tearing his drinking straw wrapper into two pieces, throwing 1 to the left and 1 to the right of my head. So that I may "feel the Son" on both sides of my face.
Followed by J.D. tearing his drinking straw wrapper into two pieces, throwing 1 to the left and 1 to the right of my head. So that I may “feel the Son” on both sides of my face.

             I won’t even begin to describe the many items he has tossed in my direction over the years.  In reality, I don’t even think I could.

6 thoughts on “Positive, Negative, and Spiritual

  1. Hmmm. Wonder who the card was directed at…no, I don’t really. Not like you need that feedback, but maybe it is nice to get the reaffirmation about it. And an interesting concept of labeling “good” and “bad” and then examining it from a different perspective. Kind of like the Chinese ideogram for “crisis” being a combination of “danger” and “opportunity”. It is all about perspective.

    And spirit wise, I am going with Jesus as camp host. I kinda like that one.

    Excellent choice.

    10:19 p.m.

  2. It’s sad that your weather is causing problems ’cause you need moisture so bad you can’t wish it would go away. Yuk. I hope your folks are okay.

    My dreams last night were really weird. I was in a house and people were coming and going through the door based on what condition the snow was in. I think I’ve been watching too much Winter Olympics! 🙂

    Ah, sons. The last time I was up at his school (bringing knitting needles, a book, and cast on help to his roomy) he was zooming my head with a helicopterish thing he splurged on. It reminded me of those drone camera thingys that they have flying over the skiers heads at the olympics. I decided to get smart and stick my hand up in it to stall it, thinking, “It’s plastic, it won’t hurt.”. Um, no. It didn’t stop it and I yelled, “Son of a bitch!” and yanked my hand back when my fingers got smartly smacked and pinched. Everybody laughed but my son. “What are you DOING? Are you trying to BREAK it? Do you know how much I PAID for that?” *sigh*

    Oh. My. Gawd. That sounds JUST like mine.
    Are you sure we don’t have the same damn kid?!

    10:20 p.m.

  3. Your son is hilarious. I’m sure he tells you so all the time. 🙂

    I generally use the terms Universe and Life. They work for me.

    My dreams lately have been jumbled and mostly involved bad people doing bad things (and no, there isn’t a perspective you could use to make them be good people or good things). Plus they’ve been the kind of dreams that leave me trying to resolve them in a good way, even after I wake up, which isn’t useful.

    But I will look for signs. And listen.

    “…there isn’t a perspective you could use to make them be good people or good things…”

    It’s not really about transforming anyone into Good People, so much as how WE respond to what WE are perceiving as Bad.

    10:25 p.m.

  4. Such a sweet boy, that son of yours. ; )
    I’m awake at 3 am. Hate nights when that happens. Too many dreams. Dreamed of my M-I-L and her last days. Sad. Had to get up and get some decaf tea.

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