My sleep was much better last night and this morning.  SO much better, in fact, that it continued for hours into the afternoon.  Which was fine, because the entire day looked like this.

eugene ice storm
Several branches feel off of that tree in the background, beyond my honeysuckle. Our garage roof got hit by one, from a large pine, on the other side of the house.

             I’ll share another view, below.  But for now let’s get on with our messages.  No opportunity to read or study or listen to CDs.  (We were busy monitoring the frozen deadly spears tree limbs that crashed down all around the neighborhood.)

             Our daily draw and what I was shown match up nicely:

our own responsibility.

             We make our way, down the path, adventuring along, helping and learning and interacting as need be.  What we don’t always pay attention to is what’s our to claim.

             What I saw was that, for good or bad, we have to own it.  Take credit and take blame.  Not in a harsh or harmful way, simply as acceptance of our own actions and free will.

             And then, we can move on, back to our journey.  Acknowledging  and getting back on course.  Having learned, and held ourselves accountable, we are ready for the next experience.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, this is part of the next step.

oracle cards, self-care

“Time  ~

Schedule a sacred date with yourself.

You deserve time for your life.”

             And we do, we deserve to be honoured for our hard work, and honoured by ourselves.   No one else needs to dote on us or take care of our needs, not all the time anyway.  Own it, claim it, be it.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Photography Comparisons:

involves yesterday’s shot, this one (which I’m re-running to make things easier on us all.

Note the rosemary on the left.
Note the rosemary on the left.

             That’s in the day.  Now, thanks to Dan, we can see what it looks like at night.

Not quite the same angle, but this is the exact same view.
Not quite the same angle, but this is the exact same view.  Rosemary, same spot.

             I told you the faerie walk lights were cool!  The glow from under all of that snow is purely magical.

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a throw-together batch of dark chocolate rocky road fudge.  When house-bound, I make candy.  Apparently.

Even Later Check In:

from The Deputy.  This is what’s going on during his work shift.

No lights behind because there's not power.
No lights behind because there’s no power.

            His accompanying text said, “….. six foot rotten oak pulled down the surrounding lines and almost pulled over the pole across the street.”  So yeah, that’s been his week.

             Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “It Is Ours

  1. Ahh the dreaded freezing rain. In 1997 we had a terrible ice storm in Quebec–days and days of freezing rain, taking down the trees and power lines. Businesses hurt, farm animals died, people without heat–it was pretty sucky! Be safe indeed. Be safe and eat fudge.

    So far I don’t think any one has died, but wow, the tree damage we saw today was massive. (Not even counting the branch on our house and the folks next door.)

    10:10 p.m.

  2. I would love some just me time! And those lights under the snow are awesome. Are they plugged in or solar? And where did you get them?

    We have more snow but no extra ice this time. WooHoo! Our normal season total is around say 24-28 inches of snow. Already this year we have had like 48 inches of snow. It’s not piled up cause we keep getting mini-thaws. Right now we’ve got about 4 in. snow with 1-2 inches of ice topped by another 2ish in. of snow. *sigh*

    Was watching the news about the west coast finally getting some moisture. California really being in a world of hurt (ie our fruit and veggie prices are going to go UP!). They called what you’re getting the Pineapple Express as the storm came up from down around Hawaii! What a name. I laughed and shook my head at the same time. They said you all need a few more of these in the worst way. But ice sooo isn’t the way to go. Stay safe, Julie, and tell those trees to stay the hell away from your house!

    The lights are just strings of regular cheapy indoor-outdoor holiday lights, we have them lining the path all year long (plugged in with extension cords from the garage). Or, when we can find them, we use rope lights.

    10:11 p.m.

  3. We finally got some snow last night! And it’s mostly still here this afternoon. They got even more up in the mountains. Sure, this isn’t enough to make up for the lack, but it’s something.

    You guys stay safe. Ice sucks, especially when it begins pulling down trees and powerlines and stuff.

    As long as all of this ice and snow is followed by the weeks of rain they’re predicting then we’re good.

    10:12 p.m.

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