In the comments recently, Robin and I remarked on the utter fabulousness of our Mother planet.  Because, duh: nature!

             And then this morning, a mere few hours after I’d fallen asleep, the images I saw literally woke me from my VERY sound slumbering.  I witnessed great harm being done.  It was painful.

             The truth is, all of us try.  We do what we feel is best.  We attempt to make a difference.  And it DOES matter, but again, we’ve been given a nudge.

Do what you can,

love your Mother.

             By parking my car, going by bike, and the bus, I am not only helping our beautiful planet, I’m also making a statement.  If **I** can do these things, others could, too.

             Much like how in the past I have seemed harsh when it comes to the commercialization of that date 10 days from now.  If YOU enjoy it? Well, by all means, carry on.  And truly, have fun.  If YOU want to (and feel that you can) make a significantly eco-minded change in your life?  Please, do so with my blessing.

             However, don’t for a second think that I’m demeaning or disparaging anyone else’s decisions.   That’s pretty much what “choice” and “freedom” are all about.  And believe me, I honour and treasure both.

             Who said “even if I don’t agree with your statements, I’ll defend your right to make them?”  Because that’s the point here.  We merely do what we can.  On our own terms.

             As we continued the regular rotation around our card altar this afternoon, I was very pleased with what came up.  Reminiscent of yesterday, also entirely pertinent for right now.

rhodochrosite, messages of self-love, healing crystals

“Rhodochrosite  ~

You are  being urged to examine the traits you don’t like in others and, rather than merely judge them as bad or avoiding them, look at what they reflect within you.

Developing a compassionate attitude will help you realise that often the judgments we make about others are judgements we make about ourselves.

All relationships are a mixture of positive and negative – they help us broaden our understanding of life and love, and help us to see more of who we are.


I love and accept myself as I am.

I love and accept the world as it is.

Deep in my heart I know, that beyond my perceptions of good and bad, only love exists.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

includes this view from our neighborhood wander earlier (in the rain).

The steepest part, and of course THAT'S where the best shot was to be had.
The steepest part, and of course THAT’S where the best shot was to be had.

             I may not be using numbers any more, but Dan’s maps are still fun to look at.  THIS is where our route took us.

4 thoughts on “Our Worldly Compassion

  1. Compassion is important and something I work on. I figure that working on it in a universal sense helps me work on it in a personal sense, and vice versa.

    And yes, sometimes I get deeply upset and scared by what’s being done to the environment. The earth will go on: it changes. But the biosphere? Destroying that will kill us all. I don’t know why people don’t get that. Maybe it’s not being presented in a way most people will understand?

    I don’t think presenting it any differently will help, google up Jim Gaffigan’s bit on McDonald’s. It’s funny, but also, sadly true. We all know these things, some of us choose to change them, some don’t.

    Humans are just inherently selfish.

    11:09 p.m.

  2. Okay, I remembered that quote as well and went surfing. It is overall contributed to “Voltaire” though it is no where to be found in his works. He does, however, paraphrase that philosophy many different ways. Here is the basic ‘thought’ on where it came from.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” is shown as found in “The Friends of Voltaire” (1906) written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, writing under the pseudonym S[tephen] G. Tallentyre.

    A biography of sorts, they’re saying she wrote that as a, for lack of a better word, consolidation of his beliefs. And now it is common belief that Voltaire actually said it. When nobody can find it in those words except in her book. *shrugs*

    Anywho, it is a VERY popular saying particularly with civil rights people.

  3. this…. I cannot tell you how *exactly* pertinent this is, coming at almost the right MINUTE. thanks, Julie, dear.

    That makes me all smiley.
    You are more than welcome.

    11:12 p.m.

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