Earlier today, I wrote nearly this entire post in my head.  But then, I had to leave the waterbed.  And then, I found out my Twitter account had been hacked.

             So yeah, after that, everything was gone.  Which tells me, this one wasn’t for right now.  Instead, we’ll be talking about the holiday.  No, nothing to do with a rodent.  And no, nothing to do with a football* game.

*Although, yikes.  If you’re from this side of the earth, it was a great game.

             The real celebration is Imbolc.   Also known as Candlemas and Brigid’s Day (pronounced as Breed).  It is all about Hope.  How we now know that Winter won’t last forever:

This is the seasonal change where the first signs of spring and the return of the sun are noted, i.e. the first sprouting of leaves, the sprouting of the Crocus flowers etc. In other words, it is the festival commemorating the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year.”

             I’ve always liked this one because it has a cold-but-clear feel to it.  Like, yeah, it’s not quite Spring, but HEY, it won’t be long now!  Go HERE to see a really well-balanced and nicely written article with some great details.  (And outstanding photos.)

             Since it IS a Pagan High Holy day, we are going with our Special Occasion cards.  Because it is, on all fronts, a very significant day.

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“Fairy Penguin  ~  37  ~  Willpower

In keeping with spiritual tradition, Penguins are celebrated as lucid dreamers; creatures capable of walking with clarity and intent in both the physical realm or ordinary landscape and that of the more obscure, non-ordinary reality.

The Fairy Penguin, for example, teaches us to picture in our mind’s eye a desired outcome and coaches us to physically and abundantly bring it to fruition.  His strong will and self-belief means he will never be restricted by limitation or inadequacy, and if we follow his lead, neither will we.

Having evolved over thousands of years to an aquatic lifestyle, Penguins lack the physical prowess to become airborne like other birds.  The strong-willed Fairy Penguin  however, refuses to surrender to jealousy of his sky-roving cousins.  Rather than limiting himself, he searches for alternative ways to fulfill his natural impulse to fly.

Instead of taking flight like a regular bird and soaring through the clouds, Fairy Penguin takes to the white foam of Grandmother Ocean.  An earth-bound bird, Fairy Penguin joyfully circles the water with the subtlety of a Swallow.  Dipping and diving through the subterranean valleys, skimming the peaks of submerged mountains and flitting in and out of thick kelp forests, Fairy Penguin ‘hawks’ for fish in similar fashion to how a Flycatcher seizes insects while on the wing.

If Fairy Penguin has trundled  into your cards today, know that you can overcome any limitation by adopting a resolute mindset.

Awaken your inherent creativity by listening intuitively to your dreams and trusting what they show you.  Utilise your inner power now and believe in yourself because a time approaches that will require you to be a little more independent.  

Remove the blinkers, because you can achieve anything when you surrender  your impediments by drawing on your willpower to find alternative ways of viewing them.  Personal limitations cease being a problem when you seek constructive and achievable solutions within yourself.

It is time to stop playing the drama queen, to acknowledge the aspects of your life that are hindering your growth and to deal with them appropriately.

Penguin is telling you that it is time to harness the willpower needed to fulfill your dreams, no matter what they may be.”

             Isn’t that lovely and validating?  Additionally, the numbers of this one adds down to 10, or simply One.  Which we all know is the beginning of a new cycle, the start of something, as we let go of, see the end, something else.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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is THIS piece on our messenger of the day, plus a bonus picture.

Fairy Penguin
Also called:
Little Blue

                          Because, come on!  The cute here is deadly.

3 thoughts on “Empowered and Independent Strength

  1. Aw, fairy penguins are so damned cute! Such tiny things compared to all their cousins. And this card syncs up with what I’ve been thinking and telling myself. It’s a hard slog for me right now, but I’ll work on it.

    And yeah, I got a message from you in Twitter, but when I looked at the link that was all the messages was, I thought “she’s been hacked” and deleted the email. Sorry you were hacked!

    Thanks, as long as no one was injured, and nobody died, I figure it’s the cost of doing business.

    10:55 p.m.

  2. People hacking Twitter seems to be happening on a regular basis anymore. *shakes head*

    Yay! for the beginning of spring! Bring it! Time to get off my ass and get perennial seeds started and repot houseplants. I went and did daylight lengths again. Our days are now 58 minutes longer since the Winter Solstice. Your days are 1 hour and 7 minutes longer. SO NOT FAIR! You are on the west coast! I want longer days! Humphf. 🙂

    Penguins! That little guy is just sooo cute! Mother Nature is awesome!

    She is definitely SO awesome.

    10:56 p.m.

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