It turned February when I wasn’t looking.  Fortunately, we get a newspaper delivered to the house every day.  Sometimes I’m current, but sometimes I’m not.  When I glanced at the one which arrived while I slept this morning, I was slightly surprised by the date.

             Then I had to go around flipping pages and taking pictures.  My Louise Hay calendar goes delightfully well with today’s messages, and that made me very happy.  I’ll save the other one for tomorrow (or whatever day I’m drawn to sharing it).

             For now though, let’s look at what I heard when I woke up.  It seemed as though our focus needed to be on letting go.  While at the same time, receiving.   Well, we’ve heard loads of that lately.

             But this time, it was more about balance.  Like, the Universe is saying, yes, do that.  In order to add though, you must also release what no longer serves.

Bringing in is allowing out.

             When we talk about emotions, we know that there’s an infinite amount of space in our hearts for love.  However, we’re not talking about feelings, we seem to be addressing an over-all healthy and well attitude.

             And letting go is always a part of moving forward.  We simply don’t have the space for more baggage.  Our cargo area gets full, then we need to leave some shit on the curb.  (Not my shoe bag though, that HAS to get packed!)

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, we’ve arrived back to my working deck (or, ya know, the duplicate of it).  Who showed up this afternoon happens to be one of my favorites in the Major Arcana, and I love how this one is illustrated, too.

hermit, robin wood tarot, 9th card of the major arcana
The Hermit ~ 9

             Being up there, he has a great view.  But it wasn’t an easy journey for him to get to that spot.  It took work and dedication.

             Which he was willing to give, as he is willing to show the way for others.  His lamp can be seen any and everywhere a soul is in need.  We are able to find it in the day or night.  It’s guidance is unquestionable.

             What is also a truth is that The Hermit cares not the least little bit about material items.  It was no sacrifice for him to let them go, they held no meaning.  Just as ours don’t really either.

             We attach significance, but we know it’s only to represent something else.  Now, don’t think that he wants us to all go completely without joy or beauty.  See how bright and cheery his shoes are?  “One does want a splash of color!”

             This is more about being open, while at the same time realizing what’s really important, what has actual value.  And being able to accept both sides of the equation.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is the above-mentioned “You Can Heal Your Life” February page.

“Love is all I need to fix my world.”

             With this notation by Louise down the side:

“Loving myself is my magic wand.

Every day it gets easier to look into my own eyes in the mirror and say, ‘I love you just the way you are.’

My life improves without my fixing it up.  I used to be a fix-it person: I would fix relationships; I would fix my bank account; I would fix things with my boss, my health, and my creativity.

Then one day, I discovered magic.  If I could really love myself, really love every part of myself, incredible miracles would occur in my life.  My problems would seem to dissolve, and there would be nothing to fix.

So the focus of my attention had changed from fixing problems to loving myself and trusting the Universe to bring me everything I need and everything I desire.”

5 thoughts on “Singular Significance

  1. Great card! And I definitely needed the reminder about balance.

    Yep, don’t we all.

    10:32 p.m.

  2. Balance. Sigh. I desire dynamic balance (static balance is stagnant), but keep falling off the balance log (not really sure how to finish that metaphor). Balance is a lot of work!

    I’m still working on telling myself “I love you” in the mirror in the mornings. I’ve been forgetting lately. Like I’ve been forgetting to write things down for my Happiness Jar. Probably due to a lack of balance and routine regarding bedtime.

    Good messages all. Thank you.

    I’m not so sure routine is as important as keeping anything with an electronic screen no where near the bed.

    10:33 p.m.

  3. Yep. Poof! It’s February! (Where the hell did January go?)

    Balance, balance, balance….

    And then, Feb is a short month!

    10:34 p.m.

  4. I do like your working deck, and a great message the Hermit brings, too. The back of my truck is filled with stuff for Bring, and following that journey will be stuffed with debris for Lane Forest Products. Changing, divesting, and moving forward over here.

    Well done!
    (Now, come do our yard.)

    10:36 p.m.

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